DARTMOUTH (CBS) – Police in Dartmouth are looking for a thief with an apparent taste for shrimp.

The man stole a basket-full of frozen shrimp on Saturday from a Stop & Shop in Dartmouth.

On his way out, he attacked two workers who had confronted him.

Investigators say he hopped in a Mitsubishi Galant registered to Georgina Delacampa, whom they describe as an accomplice. The same man is also suspected of stealing from a number of other Stop & Shop stores.

  1. Denise says:

    Wow I’m impressed… Stop & Shop actually worried about someone stealing – Amazing.. usually all the cameras are on the employees!

    What do they expect w/ those hand scanners and self check outs! please… they are just inviting theives – never mind they will take back things even if they don’t sell it!

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