BOSTON (CBS) – Many Red Sox fans are picking their newly revamped team to win it all in 2011.

Sports Illustrated feels the same way.

In their annual Baseball preview issue, SI picked the Red Sox to beat the defending champion San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

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SI writers are predicting 100 wins for the Red Sox, giving them the American League East crown. After beating the Oakland Athletics in the Divisional Series, the Sox defeat the Twins in the ALCS before dethroning the Giants.

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The Yankees are picked to win the AL Wild Card before losing to the Twins in the ALDS.

The Red Sox open the 2011 season Friday April 1 against the Rangers in Texas.

Comments (17)
  1. Peter Nivling says:

    well thats usually bad luck haing si predict the red sox to win the world series!

  2. Mr GreenJeans says:

    As long as Nomar isn’t on the front cover the Sox shouldn’t need worry about any SI curses!

  3. The Laser Show Returns says:

    I’m trying not to get TOO caught up in the hype and expectations…. I’ll really start getting into post-season mode in late August. Until then, I’m just going to hope the team stays healthy, hope that Beckett and Dice-K remember how to pitch with some consistency and enjoy watching them play. Nudge me about predictions and expectations around the middle of August, when we’ll know more about the team.

  4. dan says:

    the problem with the red sox is that they think they are the greatest, and with that kind of thinking it will take them another 80yrs to be champions.They need to get with the program, get off that high white horse and stop thinking that they can’t be beat, and start playing like they really want to win. A lot of people that are red sox fans that I talk to are very disappointed with them.

    1. Michele Corrigan says:

      Why can’t people just enjoy the fact that we finally have a chance to compete this year after the ridiculously injury riddled year of 2010 and just support our team…what in the world makes them “on a HIGH HORSE” because the majority of the sports community feels that the Sox will win it all this year? A TRUE Sox fan knows we take one game at a time and we can’t help what the press is saying….and Dan, I’d like to know what “disappointed sox fans” you’ve been talking to lol!!! We want our team to win, we have a great chance this year, so tired of the NEGATIVE comments…Go Red Sox!

    2. Rich says:

      Who on the Red Sox thinks they are the greatest. You don’t understand sports in Boston. Players don’t talk and they don’t get in the hype like Yankee /NYfans do. They know they have to play one game at time. And who is disappointed. You must be a Yankees fan. Red Sox fans saying they are disappointed.. Yeah right. You have friends. Talking to yourself again?

  5. jaygee says:

    I think they can do it if they spend another 200 million on some pitching. Their top 3 pitchers gave a new meaning to the word SUCK in Texas.

  6. Cinque says:

    I’ve always wondered why working people who make just enough to get by, worry so much about a bunch of overpaid cry-babies who make millions to play a game. They pay ridiculous prices for tickets, are grossly over-charged for food and drink yet will do anything to “support the team”. Suggestion…get a life!

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