Japan Earthquake Could Drive Up Car Prices

BOSTON (CBS) – The earthquake in Japan will mean a shortage of cars and that could drive up prices.

But it’s good news if you’re looking for a trade-in.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports.

  • dan


  • roadbowler

    How can there be a shortage when there is NO DEMAND??????

  • Thomas Hood

    How is this anything but good news for the US automakers? What demand there is will go toward cheaper better US made cars instead of the cheap cr@p we’ve been conditioned to believe is “the good stuff” from Japan. I’d be checking any car I got from Japan for water damage too…

  • emom

    Will all the foreing auto makers issues, yeah I agree this gives the american makers a huge leg up for sales. I have always bought american and always will. After seeing the lastest in foreing car issues, one wonders how they will ever rise again. CHEAP INDEED>>> now water damaged and potentiall worse issues.

  • CEO

    Who wants to buy a radioactive or flood damaged Toyota or Honda? Not me.

  • emom

    will it glow in the dark fly it self, do things it shouldnt, make its own gas,,,,, aaahhhhhh,, hhhmmmmmm ,,, NAH NOT WORTH THE PROBLEMS.

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