Gresh & Zo discussed the future of the NFL and how the new rule changes will impact the game.

Zo met up with Kevin Faulk, running back for the New England Patriots, and discussed the lockout. Faulk is in the process of rehabbing a knee injury that he suffered in week 2 against the New York Jets. With the current lockout Faulk is forced to do all his rehab on his own such as get his own doctor, physical therapist and location to work out. All these things are usually taken care of by the team.

The guys also discussed what else players are missing out on with this lockout in place such as practices, camps and access to team facilities. How much will missing these things hurt the players if this lockout lasts through the summer?

The guys also discussed the new rules regarding kickoffs. What kind of changes will coaches make to their teams now that they will be kicking from the 35-yard line?


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