Mark Recchi of the Boston Bruins joined Felger & Massarotti to discuss the upcoming game against the Montreal Canadiens at the TD Garden.

What does Recchi expect will happen in this game? How much of a role will emotions play when these teams take the ice?

Plus, you don’t want to miss what he has to say about Max Pacioretty. Does Recchi think Montreal embellished their reports of how bad the injury really was?

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  1. Yankees Rule says:

    Just when you thought Boston couldn’t get any douchier, here comes Mark Recchi!

  2. Pat says:

    Oh my. No need for comments like that Mark. Think before you say thing like that, even if shock jocks don’t.

  3. Dave says:

    LOL Wow.. he definitly wins my alltime stupid award

  4. Martin says:

    wow classy…what a moron !!!

  5. john says:

    So what’s the story. Rechi is a moron. I knew that already.

  6. Peter says:

    Is he old enough to be considered senile?

  7. dan says:

    don’t hate Rex for speaking the truth

  8. Lissa says:

    Irresponsible comment to suggest a doctor (because it was Dr. Mulder) embellished a medical diagnosis. Does Mark Recchi wish Max Pacioretty were permanently disabled?

  9. Bram says:

    I can’t believe I used to like this guy when he was a Hab… MORON!

  10. Cameron says:

    Dear Habs fans, go call 911 on Mark Recchi

  11. MIke says:

    Mark sounds quite reasonable here actually, and might just have a point. Does anyone realize that when you suffer a concussion,particularly a severe one, doctors orders are to stay at home, get as much rest as possible, avoid any kind of stimulation…examples: bright lights/loud noises…you know…the things you experience at movies. Crosby has missed half a season(and counting) due to a moderate concussion, and Montreal is saying Pacioretty might be back for the playoffs? Looks like Max slipped up with his adventures in tweeting. I wouldn’t say Mark’s comments are anymore irrational than pressing criminal charges against a player for his actions in a hockey game…this was not exactly a Bertuzzi incident folks…and lets hope it doesn’t turn into one.

  12. Dave says:

    I would love to see what would have happened to Recchi had it been him… He’d be browsing automated wheelchairs that he could control using his eyebrows…what a moron…

  13. Cha says:

    These shock jocks are PIGS !

    They’ll do anything to cause a sensation, even sell their Mother’s. It’s obvious why they do that, it’s because they aren’t competent enough to be interesting based on sports knowledge alone. So they compensate by making themselves into circus clowns.

    Bravo to the Clowns !

  14. Nick says:

    Lots of baby habs fans commenting on here… I love how they call Felger and Mazz “Shock Jocks”….

  15. Reeki says:

    Is he serious ? Since when Mark Recchi is a doctor ? How can he doubt on Dr. Mulder’s diagnostic, one of the most competent doctor ? Nothing else to say…

    Another proof that good hockey players are not necessarily smart guy…

  16. jim says:

    If that is a severe concussion, then this guy is the fastest healer…

    Also, you guys are ridiculous… These “shock jocks” ripped one of the Patriots players for their tackles all season. They aren’t blind sheep like the Canadian fan-boy radio hosts…

  17. pete says:

    Recchi is 100 percent right. He has seen what severe head trauma really is. When Savard and Bergeron got their concussions they were so sensative to light they couldn’t leave their houses for weeks. This guy was releasing statements THAT NIGHT. The fact that he was at the movies and at games is a sure sign that this was an embellishment. True, doctors don’t know much about concussions, but they know enough to see that this was a moderate concussion at worst.

  18. Marc Bigras says:

    Lots a Boston fan’s need a doctor ,to reconnect with a reality ,anyway Boston Bruins are always the losers at the end .When do you won Stanley Cup? and the next Stanley Cup ? May be after the end of the world in 2116.

    Good Bye Cubs.

  19. Larry says:

    The truth hurts. Good for Recchi!

  20. Jay says:

    “They’ve had our number this year…”
    He forgot to mention last year the HABS had there number as well
    Had respect for Recchi, not anymore

  21. Jim says:

    Wow, genius. Recchi a doctor and a hockey player?

    Douchbag, plain and simple. Chara had the intent to hurt, when you hold someone’s head like he was doing to drill him into that post, that’s intent. Only reason he didn’t get suspended was guess who’s son plays with Boston, oh ya, can’t have that. Love the hockey politics!

  22. Dr. Recchi says:

    How come the intro to the show says “facts not opinion” and then you do a segment like that?

    I guess I now know that a good way to tell the severity of a concussion is to time how long afterward the concussed player can watch a movie.

    Funny how I can watch a player like Recchi play for a decade and a half and never know he is a such a bumbling idiot.

  23. B McHendry says:

    It’s definitely irresponsible for all parties concerned. As far as the radio guys go it shows why some folks don’t respect or trust the media. That was a stupid statement. I’m sure it creates a stir but to lead Recchi into that conversation serves no purpose. The extent of the injury is a Dr’s call not the teams or media’s. Stick to the news, the real news !

  24. P.Duyck says:

    Scary thing is these idiots may just inbreed again!

  25. Cory D says:

    Seriously? A severe concussion will not allow you to watch movies or go to games. Sensitivity to light and noise are huge effects of a SEVERE concussion but hey! a week later, a couple of aspirin later and he’s fine?? What a load of Bull.

    All in all I’m glad he is recovering but given the fact that he is supposed to have a severe concussion and a fracture vertebrae, anyone with a half a brain needs to question it.

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