BOSTON (CBS) – More than 100 parents and their babies lobbied at the State House on Tuesday, trying to save a program they say is imperative to helping children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Families held a “stroller-in” to protest Governor Patrick’s proposed $8 million cut to the state’s “Early Intervention” program.

Mary Anne Mulligan of the Mass. Early Intervention Coalition says their program would lose about 27% of its budget.

But parents with children in the program are hoping they can convince the governor to spare it from the chopping block.

They say the cuts would impact more than 6,000 working families, including more than 100 serving on active duty in the military.

From Carl Stevens’ Journal: ‘Stroller-in’ to save Early Intervention program

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  1. baerri says:

    somebody knows when it’s gonna be on TV?

  2. Early Intervention says:

    Helpful information regarding this matter. Early interventions seems it can provide those affected with helpful treatments and remedies. Thank you for raising awareness.

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