NEWTON (CBS) – Starting next fall, people in Newton will be on a deadline after a snowstorm.

Newton officials just passed a new rule that says homeowners have to clear snow and ice within 30 hours of a storm. Officials debated this new rule all winter.

For the first two years of the law (from this November until November 2013), homeowners who don’t clear the snow will just get a warning with no fine.

  1. Annebkaba says:

    And after two years……. ?????????????? Will there be a step system for repeat offenders?????????????? How far does this go????????? Will the Newton officials be reviewing the effectiveness of this after next winter???????? Why did the officials decide this new law is necessary??????? What will this new revenue source be used for?????

    Can the writer of this article complete it? Soundbytes are for the radio, not print.

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