By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – After being thankful to just have a job the past couple of years, almost 40% of workers say they’re ready to go look for a new position this year.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports

Some fields, like creating apps for smart phones, are very hot right now. Job opening openings in this field are expected to grow 131% this year.

App developers can earn up to $115,000 a year. Unlike other top dollar jobs like engineering, these positions don’t require extensive training.

Giles Nugent teaches classes in mobile app development. He said, “Barriers to entry in this business are very low. You get the machine, you spend a little time learning, and you can build apps.”

Nugent followed this route after working for 20 years in software development by starting his own app development company.

Nugent is quick to point out that starting a new job doesn’t require leaving your old career totally behind. “I was in a technology organization. I was building applications. This is building applications. So I still stuck with some fundamental skills that I knew I was good at and confident with,” he explained.

The first step for a job seeker is to evaluate the skills they’ve acquired in their current position. Then, think about how those skills can be transferred to a new field.

For instance, both the solar and wind power industries are poised to hire employees with any type of sales or marketing experience. Top earners can make $100,000 or more.

More hot jobs are expected to boom in the coming years, such as managing the sale of medical equipment. Salaries here can go as high as $350,000.

Radiation therapists can earn more than $107,000.

The need for financial advisors is expected to grow, too. Those positions can bring in around $140,000.

“The key is to figure out how to you transfer fundamental skills that you’re good at, into a new career,” said Nugent.

Social networking sites like Linked In and Facebook are now considered a crucial part of any job search. Experts say to make sure you’re up to date regardless of your age.


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