DENNIS (CBS) – As an amateur champ, golfer Elaine Joyce has won more than her share on the course. Now, she’s a winner in the courtroom.

Even though she won her gender discrimination suit against the town of Dennis for barring her from a tournament, she says she’s paying a price.

“I love to play golf and I love this course, so I am going to be here because I’m not going to give into their discriminatory practices,” said Joyce.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

But for Joyce, her days on the links have been everything but relaxing. In 2007, she filed a federal discrimination suit against the Dennis Pines Golf Course because she says she was denied a chance to play in a men’s members tournament along side her dad.

“I wasn’t allowed to play because I was a woman,” said Joyce. “That made me feel frustrated, angry…just demoralizing.”

She was recently awarded $15,000 by a jury. Her attorney was asking for a lot more than that.

“I am disappointed with the amount,” said Joyce. “I think it’s a slap in the wrist and it’s insulting.”

The club says the case should have never gone to trial.

“The club was willing to do what she wanted. The club was perfectly willing to let her play in any tournament that she wanted,” said Leonard Keston, the club’s attorney. “The only reason it went to trial is to see how much money she would get. That’s the only reason. She wanted $500,000. We offered $35,000. She wanted a trial because she was hoping to get a lot more than that and she didn’t. She got less.”

Since the lawsuit, Joyce says she feel she’s been ostracized from members of the club, both men and women who feel she may have taken this whole thing too far. But, this has not changed her love for the game, just how she plays it.

“I get shunned, ostracized. People don’t want to play with me or talk to me. Yeah, it’s miserable,” said Joyce.

“Would you be liked after they have given you everything you wanted and tried to talk to you, and you put them into the press as sexiest pigs? That’s what she did,” said Keston.

Joyce hasn’t played in any tournaments since the lawsuit. Most of the time, she plays by herself.

“It makes me feel completely alone in this. This wasn’t about putting money in my pocket. This was about stopping a discriminatory practice against all women up here,” said Joyce.

Joyce said that even though she doesn’t like the way she’s being treated at Dennis Pines, she intends to keep playing there.

Comments (33)
  1. JJ says:

    Um…. I bet there are women members touraments she can play in. There are still times that there can be an all male event or all female event she is lucky she got 15,000. Good for the jury in this case.

    1. Laura says:

      Gee, I wonder if JJ is a man’s name or a woman’s name. I think a man….. Otherwise, you would see this for what it is, discrimination against a person. She said she wanted to play with her father. How could she play with her father in an all-female event?

      1. JT Thompson says:

        no problem. But it goes both ways. So there’s no reason I couldn’t play in an all female tourney if my mother plays, right?

        yeah right

  2. Fartman says:

    hmm what a hypocrite… shes its not about money… “It makes me feel completely alone in this. This wasn’t about putting money in my pocket. This was about stopping a discriminatory practice against all women up here,” said Joyce. But then she says that shes upset about how much she got…
    “I am disappointed with the amount,” said Joyce. “I think it’s a slap in the wrist and it’s insulting.”

    1. Susan M says:

      Those two are not mutually exclusive. If the jury had penalized the club with a huge fine/penalty it would have more impact on the club’s future behavior. However, if we knew she gave any amount over her actual legal costs to charity, it might sit better too. The fact is we do not know what she did with the money. Maybe she kept it. Maybe she donated to charity. Without that knowledge it is hard to judge the situation.

  3. arthur j says:

    get over it lady….the course said you could play in the tournament but you insisted on going to’re pathetic.

    1. Laura says:

      What’s pathetic is any “club” is allowed to have tournaments that restrict their members in any way, and then others think she should be happy with what the club “allowed” her to do.

  4. Matt says:

    Guys Only Ladies Forbidden

  5. emom says:

    why are there women that feel they MUST prove a point with men, I mean cant they create there own darn ladies only groups, and leave the men folk alone, GEE, Its bad enough there are some mothers out there taht freak out if a boy wants to join a girls sport or club and they fight it, why do some women have to do the same what purpose does it serve, why is it so important to be a part of another club, jujst to say hey look at me I beat them ,…. YOU ONLY LOOK LIKE A BIG FOOL>>>>> lets hope she has learned from this,.,, foolish fool… burning your bra wasnt good enough,, what now,,, burn the boxers of them…

    1. Impishbrat says:

      We’re a society that claims Equal for all, but then we have the NAACP and no NAAWP. If men gave birth to a new life, you bet their paternity leave would be lots longer. We have judges that always assume the mom is best as parent for the kids and we have celebrities that get away with murder.

      We’re not a democracy, we’re hypocrites.

  6. Name says:

    Clearly the on-location portion of this report was staged. Dennis Pines is closed until April 1st.

  7. petem says:

    You people are exactly the reason she had to push it. I hardly believe the guy at the course “The club was willing to do what she wanted. The club was perfectly willing to let her play in any tournament that she wanted,” said Leonard Keston, the club’s attorney”. Really? you really think they were willing to let her play after to weren’t willing to let her play? Do you think they may have changed their tune after she felt she had not other option. Use your brains people; it was put there for a reason…

  8. double bogey says:

    In this economy when people are truly suffering…we are supposed to feel sorry for her….it was always about the money and it was always about her….what a pathetic excuse!!!!!

  9. emom says:

    Did she BIRDIE< or was that a DO DO, I could say she got a hole in one, but more like a sink hole of doom. she is going to be looked upon as a true oppurtunist that was out to damage others,,,,, SUCH A BIG DO DO

  10. Carolyn says:

    Perhaps with her windfall she could get a complete makeover?

  11. brenda says:

    ask her how many woman’s tournaments she played in the last few years…oh sorry, i forgot… the women of this club aren’t good enough for her!!!!

  12. dbag says:

    It must suck being her.

  13. Ed Dracut says:

    So does this mean that men can now play in “womens” tournaments?

  14. Mark says:

    People, she wasn’t allowed to play with her Dad so she fought it and won.
    Having some inside info as I’m in the business on Cape she was wright to fight it. I’m glad she won, they should publicly apologize to her. Don’t be stupid people as the boys network goes on down here too.

  15. emom says:

    And like there are no womens onlhy clubs that absolutly do not allow men, come on when does it become NOT RIGHT.. Why is it so wrong for clubs that do have a one gender only to stay that way. Why DOES the other gender have the need to be a part of something that has been that way , Why cant there be seperate gender clubs, whats so darn wrong with it, What next we will have boys wanting to be GIRL SCOUTS, girl wanting to be BOY SCOUTS< or how about, the red hatters, or the ladies auxillary club, the mens lions club, when is it WRONG, if there as so many out there that feel they are EXCLUDED , welll then why not create a group that allows BOTH genders,,,, then all can and will be much happier .. She was wrong its an all male club event and thereofre should have stayed that way. now you open up a huge can of worms for so many other clubs of all genders and even ages,,, GREAT now girls are going to want to be boyscouts, cub scouts, eagle scouts, How about a few boys wearing that famous green girl scout skirt uniform,, why cant some just leave well enough alone. SELFISH , SIMPLY SELFISH

  16. Twocents says:

    Many clubs have tournament policies that relate to your membership status. Some tournaments formally known as “Men’s” have been changed to Full or Associate. If women pay full dues, they can play in the Full tournaments which consists of mostly men; however, it may mean that they have to tee off from the Men’s tees, like everyone else. Their still are Men’s only and Women’s only tournaments, and it should remain that way. There are also many Father/Daughter tournaments that this pair could play in, perhaps they should look forward to that event. Driving the cost of membership dues to fight a lawsuit is not going to make her friends. Everything in life doesn’t have to be a battle. I wouldn’t call her the winner in this, she did not advance the integrity of the game. I am not a member of her Club, just a passionate Woman Golfer who wishes that more people could accept tournament policies. If she wants to play more with her father, organize a tournament if the one she wants doesn’t exist.

  17. mg says:

    she doesn’t even live in the town, yet she gets a reduced membership cause daddy put her on a deed…..

  18. bob says:

    hummmm…i believe she has sued in yarmouth too….very interesting….

  19. scotonfire says:

    What a whiner, so glad I’m not married to that.

  20. Amigwyn says:

    While I am glad we have a system that would allow us to sue over gender bias it doesn’t seem like that should have been used here. I don’t know how true everything is in this article but the club said they were going to allow her to play. Then they tried to offer her money because they didn’t want to go to court. It sounds like she just wanted her day in court or she just wanted more of the $500,000 the stupid lawyer said she could get. Or both. Regardless of the reason, it was stupid to go to court in the first place. I don’t see men trying to get in on Womans Synchronized Swimming and suing when they can’t.

  21. Don says:

    I was told that the club told her that they would do anything she wanted after she complained other than give her a lot of money. Her response was that she wanted $500,000.00. Once the club allowed women to play in all tournaments in the fall of 2007, she has not played in any of the formerly men only tournaments.

  22. JASON says:


  23. denise says:

    It will be a scarey day when men and women are created physiclally equal! I don’t believe that when a “club or organization” is gender specific – that this should be an issue. I think the courts should start putting their foot down on frivilous lawsuits and start prosecuting some of these criminals that it takes 4, 5, 15 years to get to trial!

    I believe in equal rights for all – but just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

  24. lexicondevil says:

    Quote from emom: “Why cant there be seperate gender clubs, whats so darn wrong with it, What next we will have boys wanting to be GIRL SCOUTS, girl wanting to be BOY SCOUTS< or how about, the red hatters, or the ladies auxillary club, the mens lions club, when is it WRONG"

    – I was thinking the EXACT same thing as I was reading this article. People join clubs so that they can be happy around like-minded people who share their interests. It should be up to the clubs as to whom can, or can not, join.

    Sorry if you can't get in. Life is hard, wear a helmet. Why would you want to be part of a club that doesn't want you anyway? Besides, its not like she wasn't allowed to play, and I could care less if she did. I'm speaking to the much bigger issue that has taken over the modern conciseness of the uber-PC mainstream.

    Now if you'll excuse me… I'm going to step down from my soapbox, grab my girl scout cookie order sheet, throw on my red hat, and go submit my application for the LPGA immediately.

  25. J E says:

    She wonders why people in Dennis aren’t warming up to her? Could it be because she sued the town’s residents (and golfers) for $500,000? And beyond that, she hired a publicity agency and paid them $8,000 to get the word of this lawsuit into the N Y Times and across the country, trying to embarass the town of Dennis. And then, she says that she is insulted by the jury awarding her only $15K. Nice humane touch, – insulting a jury of your peers after they sacrificed 4 days from their jiobs to hear your greedy case. You are acting like a true sourpuss.

  26. Traci says:

    Carpet Muncher !

  27. t dawg says:

    This whole thing is lawsuitable only if the club doesn’t provide an opportunity for both genders. Women don’t allow men to play in women only events, do they? How would that go over?

    I don’t know if it’s still true but it’s interesting to note that the PGA has no gender restriction (thus why women occasionally play PGA events) yet the LPGA does not allow me to enter its tournaments.

  28. dcshipman says:

    When men have equal rights in a family court, I’ll by into this whole equality charade. The courts only make things “equal” for those who are women, gay, handicapped, or a minority. Anyone else can legally be discriminated against. Only an ignorant person sees that fact as logically equal…..

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