By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

RANDOLPH (CBS) – “It goes way beyond cop wannabe,” says Randolph Police Lt. Charles Thistle, who is talking about the arrest of 43-year-old Poorandeo Singh.

When police caught him, they say his SUV was outfitted better than most police cruisers. “We don’t know what his intent was,” says Lt. Thistle, “maybe he wanted to help people, maybe he didn’t”.”

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

The SUV had flashing white and blue and red lights, antannaes on top, four sirens under the hood, police labels from a cruiser, and inside, a machete and handcuffs.

When Singh was arraigned today, the prosecutor had enough concern to ask for 250-thousand dollars cash bail. “The items in the car were very disturbing, and could be used for an abduction and sexual assault,”said Erin Murphy.

In fact, Singh does have a record that includes assault and battery, and a sexual assault charge. And in 2007, he was arrested after Randolph Police surveillance video captured Singh stealing a license plate from a cruiser.

Comments (6)
  1. Crime Stopper says:

    What really tosses the red flag is the fact that he had both hand cuffs and a machete. Who is he going to help with that?

    1. kasser says:

      I am sure the Cynic will present an argument that, as long as he didn’t use them, all he did was outfit his personal property and that the Randolph PD exceeded their authority

      Waaaaaait for it

  2. Cynic says:

    At least he wasn’t standing around watching some guys dig a hole in the street.

    1. kasser says:

      Hell must have frozen over – we actually agree on something haha
      The construction details is by far the biggest mis-management of state and city assets I have ever witnessed

      One could argue that using these assets to do the job they were supposed to do, would lower crime, make MA interesting for people looking to raise a family. Bring them, bring their money and the state would improve it’s economy

      I have travelled throughout this country and have yet to see ANY state have as many police officers on construction details as this state.

  3. Cynic says:

    Truthfully the first name that occured to me when I read this was Ted Bundy.

  4. Warren says:

    I think he “helped me out” at Dell Technical Support.

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