BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police said Thursday afternoon they had located a car they believe struck a trooper.

Troopers say they are still looking for the driver who they’ve identified as 47-year-old Leon Hatfield of Boston.

Hatfield is wanted for breaking and entering in Weymouth police say happened overnight. Shortly after that incident, he is accused of trying to run over a local police officer who was on a detail.

State Police found the car and driver early Thursday afternoon in Dorchester.  At that point, Hatfield allegedly tried to run over a trooper who was trying to stop him.

The trooper suffered minor injuries.

The car was later recovered in South Boston.

Anyone with information on Hatfield’s whereabouts is asked to call Massachusetts State Police at 508-820-2121.

  1. Michele Del Gaizo says:

    At this point, they should have a separate charge pertaining to Law Enforcement/First Responders to get these idiots off the streets once & for all. It seems to me that just getting charged with endangerment is not strong enough. Let’s get them where it really hurts, which is the wallet for most folks, and then for the rest of them, add on some jail time with a mandatory 100 hours of community service upon release. I am all for adding a $500 automatic fine for NOT getting out of the way of an ambulance/emergency vehicles as well. Sometimes it is the only way to wake people up. They no longer seem to care unless it is them or someone they know in the back of the ambulance or waiting for that Fire/Police to arrive. I would also support a $500 automatic fine for interrupting a Funeral traffic line, as this also seems to be another area where if no Police detail is in front & in back, that other drivers feel somehow that they are “entitled” to interrupt,cut in, whatever. I would also add in an automatic 100 hour community service to this fine as well. Maybe next time people would think first, act second.

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