Another voice in the midst of the crisis and tragedy in Japan adds nothing…..I mean nothing…..but it sure doesn’t stop the voices and misleading verbiage barrage from spilling over on all sides.  Another example of information technology “out-of-control.”

     I’m not going to add to the bloviating from people who don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about,  because when it comes to a tragedy of those dimensions (earthquake and tsunami) followed by the nuclear plant powder keg in Japan, I’m as clueless as the next person.  But I bring this up…only to say… I’ve said many times before…the public, yes the public has stolen the media and to say they have screwed it up to a fair-thee-well is the understatement of this millennium….and the millenium before it.

     Thirty years ago, this wouldn’t have happened.   The meltdown at Three Mile Island nuke plant for example…right here on our soil…just down the highway a short bit.   A nuclear radiation threat second (or third) only to what’s going on right now…a world away in Japan and of course Chernobyl, but there wasn’t anything close to the panic in the air that we’re feeling and hearing right now.    Why?   Because the media was controlling the news back then, with its official sources and reliance on people who were knowledgeable on the crisis.  That was in back in 1979, long before the explosion in information technology we have today, where the news networks have relinquished all control and common sense, only occasionally turning to knowledgeable reliable sources and are now taking whatever they can get from whoever has something to offer.    It doesn’t even have to be an official sources.   It doesn’t even have to be someone who’s been identified……..just someone with a cell phone, a Blackberry, a Skype, a blog, a tweet, a Facebook, a big mouth….whatever….doesn’t even have to be sober…..and the media outlets put ’em on the air “live” like it was a pronouncement from the Lord.     Damn is that dangerous….but it’s happening all the time…….day-out.      Do you have any idea the rash of MIS-information we’ve been deluged by since terror struck Japan?   It’s not kids.   Beware! 

      The motivation seems to be the same things that motivate Wall Street……Fear and Greed……who’s gonna get it first….who’s gonna take the whoopin’  if they don’t get it first.

  1. Ken Draycott says:

    I watched your 5 pm news on WBZTV and listened with interest how the responce was towards the terrible hit to your Boston player. I do not condon what happened, I could not be more against what happened, but before you berail so many other players and insidents, don’t forget your own Boston Bully and how he ran another player into the stantion. It too was very deliberate and he seemed to get away with it. He was lucky that more damage was not done to his victim. Ken Draycott Cushing Qc.

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