CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A Cambridge man fought off a would-be robber in his home last Friday.

Leon Peshkin and his wife Virginia had just returned home from a concert that night when they noticed their front window was broken.

Leon told his wife to stay outside and try to wave down cars for help.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

He went inside, confronted the burglar and put him in a wrestling hold. At that point, the burglar started to bite him.

“At some point he just stopped biting, realizing that he’s not going anywhere and starts this casual conversation with me,” said Leon.

Virginia managed to wave down an off-duty detective and a Cambridge patrol car.

“I unlocked the door for the police guys, and my husband was holding the burglar to the ground,” said Virginia.

The burglar was quickly arrested.

The couple said they didn’t have much for him to steal anyway. They don’t even own a television.

  1. hoofarted says:

    Someone need to give these people a TV…Where’s Jordan’s Furniture with a donation??

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