EAST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — An East Bridgewater family is furious over the sentence handed down to four teenagers who trashed their home.

The teens wrecked the place and caused more than $50,000 in damage. They were convicted of malicious destruction of property. But the judge isn’t giving them any jail time.

They’ve repaired what they could, but for Jill Steidle-Abbett and her family, the emotional damage

got worse when a judge sentenced the teens to one year probation and monthly community service.

In February 2010 Steidle-Abbett and her husband went on vacation.  Her teenage son let a few friends in. Then, dozens began showing up, and it got out of hand.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

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  1. Shelley Croal says:

    Copy of email sent to reporters who mishandled reporting of this story, IMHO:
    Sent 3/11/11
    Since u reported this incident and all of the terrible things said about the East Bridgewater teens who were charged, it might be a responsible reporting practice to follow up on the story and realize that 2 boys were found not guilty today, and 4 were found guilty of malicious destruction of property under 250.00. Interestingly, what didn’t come out in the trial is the fact that Alex Steidle didn’t call police the night of this incident, because he himself had been drinking and contributing to the destruction of his own home. The facts of this case, as I heard first hand in court, have been grossly misrepresented, and unfair in the national character assassinations of these teenagers and their families. For a year, I have been reading all of the nasty, judgemental comments, and then, when the verdict is issued, we still only hear one side of the story? Is that fair and accurate reporting? A verdict was rendered. Both sides presented their facts. This is ridiculous. This incident was completely blown out of proportion to what actually happened. Maybe next time the Steidle-Abbetts should take their troubled teen with them instead of trying to blame everyone else BUT him, and submit fraudulent claims to their insurance co. Just sayin… I would have more empathy and compassion had they not blatantly lied or misrepresented the damages they claimed. What happened to their home was awful-no one denies that. Itis a fact. The behavior of this family and the Plymouth county DA’s office thereafter, as well as the EB police, was equally unacceptable. They have demonized these kids, and blamed everything on 4 of these young men. There were dozens of teens there that night. These guys took the hit for everyone’s outrageous behavior. And Alez Steidle, arrested in December for robbing a liquor store in East Bridgewater, seemingly has his own issues to deal with. I want peace for all after all the turmoil this year. This couldve been handled responsibly but it wasn’t. Report that why don’t you? All of the reporting has been one sided, emotional, and not accurate. The truth is no where near as sensational as the fabrications and emotions expressed throughout this past year, but these boys deserve the truth to be accurately reported. 2 not guiltys, 4 misdemeanor offenses. The judge saw this for exactly what it was and ruled accordingly. Personally, there didn’t appear to be malice on any kids’ part. Most apologized for accidental damages and offered to make the repairs, from what I heard in court. It was a stupid party gone awry… alcohol, poor judgement, unsupervised teens… a blatant Perfect Storm for this type of thing to occur. Not rationalizing or excusing, but geez, see it for what it IS! The charges far exceeded anything these boys did. There were dozens of people at this party. The judge had to hold someone responsible, and she did. One year’s probabation is no joke. Can we all just get on with our lives at this point? They got their insurance money (but won’t say how much. Contractor bid was obviously heavily padded, but when asked what they actually covered, Ms. Steidle said she didn’t know, that her husband handles the finances. Really? There was evidently no discussion w/ the hubby re: what amount was paid on their claim? Yeah, like THAT wouldn’t come up at the dinner table! This was more than an unfortunate event, but my compassion and empathy can only go so far. If I had to listen to one more witness NOT be able to answer “yes” or :no”, or hear, I don’t remember, it was a year ago, how many freakin situations like this have they seen this year-or were they too intoxicated to remember anything clearly from that night? It was awful for the homeowners, I’m sure. But so is how these young men were represented in the media. They are not villains. This NEVER should have gone to superior court, wasting the judge’s time, essentially, and the testimonies never rose to the level of these felony crimes these boys will always have on their records now. There is more to this story than what has been reported. Dont believe everything you read. I don’t.

  2. Lora Piesco says:

    they are villians and things will continue to get worse for these kids because I’m sure they’ve learned nothing

  3. KpKahder says:

    Shelly – these aren’t young men.. these are young punks with absolutely no respect for others property. Im sure you are one of those parents who makes excuses for everything their kid does instead of making them take responsibility for their actions. Irregardless of whether the homeowner came home and had been drinking and forgo calling the police until he was sober, the fact is that these kid went into someones home and deliberately and maliciously destroyed property that DIDN’T belong to them is what the story is about.
    Go coddle your kids.. you can visit them in jail someday

    1. Shelley Tawa O says:

      you have no idea who I am, how I parent, and definitely have misjudged me… that’s actually kinda funny… ask my kids lol

  4. KooKKy says:

    Excuse me, Ms. Coal, but they ARE the villains in this case. And PUNKS, and TROUBLE. You and I both know that the damage was closer to $80K, and that the court witness was intimidated and punched in the mouth (that’s a fact in court records). Would they have urinated all over your home, or their friends’ homes? No, they bullied the Steidle kid and ruined HIS home. How dare you put down the Steidles, the victims? It’s no wonder your kids are such PUNKS.

    1. Kobe Nutmeg says:

      wait were you there? didnt think so therefore your input is nothing than an opinion you know no facts

    2. Shelley Tawa O says:

      you have not heard the testimonies I DID hear, and have YOU no idea what actually transpired that night, leaving you at a severe disadvantage to judge me, or any of the parties involved in this case… it amazes me that people rush to judgement without any clue of the facts, not inuendo, one-sided reporting… you really think eveything you read is true… wow… that’s amazing. I guess you play God, too? Thank goodness I know better lol

  5. Lora Piesco says:

    irregardless isn’t even a word.

  6. MissD says:

    I don’t think that the boy whose house it was is completely innocent he has been in the paper too for some pretty bad stuff. But regardless you just don’t destroy someones house and property . Some of the kids involved have done this sort of thing before, just not to that degree. Some of them have parents who have given up on them, feel like that have lost control, when they were only 16 and 17, I know this first hand. I think that the one year probation is ok, because it will be pretty hard for them to keep out of trouble that long anyhow. I think that they should have to split the cost of the damage between them and spend 8 hours a WEEK community service…someone needs to clean up all the liter on the sides of the streets and clean up our playgrounds/ baseball fields.

  7. Kobe Nutmeg says:

    I bet even if we were completely innocent these same people would be saying the same things so don’t let them get to you Shelley you were in the court room with me everyday and you know as well as I do that they’re the idiots because no matter what we’re going to be the bad guys. Over it.

    1. D says:

      you made yourself into the bad guy, its time you become a responsible adult.

  8. Lora Piesco says:

    that’s right D! time to step up and face the fact that your kid is a POS and you need help with him cuz you can’t do it alone…so get that help but for the love of god watch your kids…you might have to get off the computer to do so but I hope you do it before you’re too late.

    1. D says:

      obviously you do not know my kids Lora. I have 4, 3 of them are teenagers, that I’m very proud of and aware of what they are doing at all times. My whole life is devoted to my children and have never asked for help from anyone, you got the wrong person. But aren’t you charming.

      1. Jordan O'Neil says:


        I’m not going to waste time proving the same points on this website. go to the link above and educate yourselves or you can remain ignorant to the facts of this case and continue to base your conclusions off of one sided news articles. nice job believing everything you read ‘parents’

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