BOSTON (CBS) – Beacon Hill lawmakers held a news conference Monday afternoon to speak about the bills they are putting forth in an effort to reform the state’s parole system. Backers of the proposed legislation are confident they will be able to pass a bipartisan bill this year.

“The clock continues to tick. And every moment it continues to tick until we enact reform means public safety is less strong than it should be,” said State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports from Beacon Hill

The proposed legislation includes measures that require habitual offenders to serve the maximum sentence for their third felony without the chance of parole, and new sentencing guidelines that require those serving a life sentence to serve a minimum of 25 years before qualifying for parole; and anyone serving more than one life sentence would not be eligible for parole.

The proposed changes come in the wake of the shooting death of Woburn police officer John Maguire on Dec. 26 last year. He was shot by career criminal Dominic Cinelli, who also died in the shooting. Cinelli had been serving three life sentences when he was paroled in 2008.

Comments (2)
  1. blackbbear1 says:

    Please, do this and do it well. To the point that we do not have to listen ill spoken and ill timed poor reactions from the Governor. I haven’t quite forgotten his response to the public’s outrage.

  2. bob says:

    While they are all there, see if they are giving up a portion of there automatic pay raise they voted themselves years ago, perhaps, even help with the billions in mass dept, decreasing their pay 4% till it averages the common workers pay would save a teachers job, not find more 6-digit jobs for their governor

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