BOSTON (CBS) – It’s hard to imagine enduring the devastation from Friday’s Japan earthquake in New England.

Maria in Peabody Declared her Curiosity, asking:

Could a tsunami ever hit the shore of New England?  Are we prepared?

It’s incredibly rare, but an Atlantic tsunami is possible.

One tsunami hit Newfoundland in 1929. Three giant waves 20 feet high hit the coast at a rate of 78 miles per hour, killing more than 20 people.

Watch video:

For New England, there’s a warning system now in place.

The U.S. expanded its tsunami warning network after the 2004 disaster in Indonesia.

So, if a tsunami was actually going to happen, there would be warning systems, sort of like a hurricane or winter storm warning.

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  1. timma says:

    appearantly the producer musta missed the discovery channels show re the azores where an inactive volcano can let go at any time causing a massive underwater landside that will change the face of the east coast of the US amoung others bye bye Fla to cape cod

  2. Italo says:

    Three officers talking at an intersection can’t even handle a traffic jam on a Boston Monday morning, and the city lives for protecting a bunch of bronze ducks in the Public Garden…does anybody really think that the Commonwealth’s officials could get out of their own way and coordinate/help us all, if such an event happened here? The whole area would become decimated, unfortunately.

  3. Budd says:

    Italo yeah but anywhere will be devastated by a tsunami. All you can do is evacuate really.

  4. emom says:

    For the east coast of the USA to be affected by a tsunami, It would have to be a extremely volitile event. Athought we have a very active fault line on the east coast, this fault line is moving apart, rather than toward”s it self. The results are minor tremors if felt at all. But every so often we can feel it. On the pacific side the faults are more explosive as is the tectonic plates, slamming into each other with tremendous force, creating friction and rise or the land. As they rub against each other something must give. This is why the pacific side is more volitile. In conjuntion to earthquakes volcanoes become more active, Earthquakes are a warning on unrest in the crust, but if these are close to were active volcanos are the likelyhood of a volcano to erupt could be devestaing. We have a number of volcanos that currently are active and are on orange alert, some that have been watched are stromboli in italy, the one in chile, Mt redoubt in alaska , mt hood in oregon, the russian volcanos, and a few others, To see more on these visit the USGS.ORG site,

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