METHUEN (CBS) – The search is on for a missing 15-year-old who walked away from her special education school.

Brynne Kurmas left Saint Ann’s Home and School in Methuen on Tuesday night.

Her flips flops were found neatly placed on a bench by the Spicket River on Thursday.

State and Metheun police spent the day searching the river fearing she may have jumped in.

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  1. Concerned says:

    How did she just walk away. I have been a behavioral Therapist for over 10 years and have never left one of my students just up and walk away. Where was the security? Hinky very hinky

    1. tear drop says:

      you know i agree how can she just walk out, my son was a residant at st anns, he ran away alot but was always found. the river waterfall is right outside my window. what about putting out an amber alert????? my heart goes out to her and her family. i know how it feels to have a child missing. i hope and pray that they find her, soon.

    2. anonymous says:

      in a group home setting, that is not a locked unit, it is not difficult for a teenager to walk away. as a behavioral therapist you should have a better understanding of the group home dynamic than you appear to. i think the real question is what were the police doing that they were not able to locate her.

    3. a mess says:

      it’s really sad that they let that happen but it does not surprise me my 8yr old son was there and that place overdosed him on meds thank god he was fine and nothing happened to the girl who did it her mishap could have meant me bury my son!!! i hope they find that poor girl and get her away from that place and concerned there is no SECURITY

  2. Zoe Adamsky says:

    Brynne did not leave from the school. She left from a residential house that was set up on Broadway in Methuen, near the Spicket River. She left the house when the staff were not looking and may or may not have jumped into the river. I am one of Brynne’s closest friends, and I go to school with her. I hope that she is found soon and if anyone has any information about her or her whereabouts they can contact the police or her school ASAP.

    1. rachael gaskell says:

      @zoe adamsky.
      I hope you are able to overcome this. I. Love you with all my heart. Take care

  3. Aidan Rollins says:

    This is mad thease staff are supose to watch kids also she definitly did not jump she is not that type but brynne is not the type not to tell one of her friends so someone knows but they are not telling people the police should throughy check all her friends and who she was with last I go to st anns too my code name in school is seabiscuit.

    1. tara mendez says:

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE OUT YOUR CODE NAME, especially online, you now should make another code name. please change your code name asap. that code name is very important, and please make a new one and dont never tell anyone you have a code name and dont tell anyone what it is.. thank you!!!!!

  4. rachael gaskell says:

    This is so sad to me. Brynne was a great girl with a great life ahead of her. She was just sad and very depressed. I used to live with her at St Anns home. She had a great heart and my heart goes out to her family. My heart also goes out to the staff and girls living in the Broadway group home and the kids and all the stff that had the pleasure of working with her.

  5. rachael gaskell says:

    RIP brynne. I love you

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