Zdeno Chara avoided suspension, but is getting killed by Montreal Canadiens fans. Our YouTube of the Day takes you back to December where Max Pacioretty showed he can dish it out as well.

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  1. Patrick Provencal says:

    Your title your have read, this is how you play clean hockey… I am really missing your point.

  2. crandall says:

    there should be an investigation into adrain beltre on all the hits on fellow socks players last year…poor jacoby…that beltre is a real criminal!!!! investigations too funny. hope the guy is gonna be ok but..investigations!!!!

  3. Jason Monsignore says:

    Ya see this was clean because it was a canadiens player doing the hit. But whenever its someone else, its cheap.

    1. Mark says:

      I’m not a canadiens fan or a bruins fan, but this was nowhere near as bad as the chara hit. Here, Pacioretty was hitting a player who had the puck. When Chara hit Pacioretty, he didn’t even have the puck!

      1. Jason Monsignore says:

        How about the elbow to the spine? Did you happen to see that? Chara hit Pacioretty from the side, Pacioretty hit Eaton by charging at his back. Both hits could have easily ended a career, possibly even a life.

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