Felger & Massarotti did a simulcast with the Ric Peterson Show on CJAD in Montreal to discuss the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty.

Felger and Mazz let the guys in Montreal know the feel around here when it comes to the Chara hit. Why charge Zdeno Chara? Don’t hits like this happen in hockey? Where was the call to action on other hits?

Why haven’t charges been brought against Canadiens for some of their past hits?

Did Chara know what he was doing? Did he mean to do it?

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  1. SolkaTruesilver says:

    Why hasn’t there been suspension on Chara?
    Why did he felt more interested in fan’s reaction than the NHL?
    Why didn’t we delved into the past between Pacioretty and Chara?

  2. Joseph Callahan says:

    You will never laugh so hard if your a sports fan listening to this.

  3. Dan C says:

    Way to let em have it Mike and Tony

    1. John says:

      If officiating is like it was last night against Buffalo(2 or3 totally bogus calls, it might have been better if Chara had been suspended.

  4. Dave says:

    Felger and Mazz, thanks for handing it to those Montreal Hypocrites and downright “yahoos.” This is the best show you guys have done. Way to go guys!!!!

  5. tim says:

    This just in: Montreal officials are launching an investigation against bostons 98.5s velger n maz. the decision was made to investigate the two goons after they verbaly assaulted the people of quebec, calling them nutty yahoos, reports state that after an unusual number of 911 calls from outraged canadians complaining of crying french children, at this time detectice lue depoop desided to investigate

  6. Alex C says:

    Mike…. when you die you will be remembered for this interview, way to stick it to those YAHOO’s. This is exactly why I switched the dial to you guys 18 months ago and have not listened to AM radio since. You two are the best.

  7. Joshua says:

    hockey is a religion in Montreal , first thing you guys need to understand… seeing that hit struck fear into the soul of all of Quebec.

    The idea that the people of Quebec are acting like ‘yahoos” because it’s something that happened to ”their”’ team is like asking why Bruin fans went crazy about the Savard hit and not X Y or Z hit to some other team….

    The fact that police are investigating is just a reflection of the passion and religious support that surrounds anything Habs.

    Get a clue to other sport cultures — the ignorance breeds the real yahoos and all you two accomplished was a nice display of self-projection with your cheesy name calling.

  8. G says:

    I must admit that getting the police involved mostly likely will not solve anything, and is a little embarrassing… but what’s more embarrassing is the way that Felger and Mazz handled this radio segment. It’s no wonder that everyone else in the world resents Americans… way to reinforce the stereotype guys, joke’s on you.

  9. chris. says:

    You know, after listening to decent sports talk show such as Prime Time Sports with Bob Mcgown or even Tony M. who came on your show and was actually a decent speaker and didn’t resort to these loud mouth shock jock radio shows such as yours – I respect our fine radio programming up north even more that don’t need to resort to stupid antics as this show. Btw you geniuses have Tim Hortons in the Northeast USA as well. Wanna talk about hits? How about Kyle McLaren? Yeah,it’s easy to find hits on others by your team too.

  10. Chris McCunn says:

    Pat Hickey is frog. I thought that Boston was a world class college town? What part of his name is french? I loved this sequence…. At least canadiens won’t judge americans based on a couple of shock jocks.

  11. Marty says:

    It was a clean push into the boards. Enough said. It’s Hockey not ballet!

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