FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – A 68-year-old man shot and killed during a drug raid was accidentally shot by a Framingham officer who will not be charged, according to the district attorney.

Eurie Stamps was shot Jan. 5 while police executed a warrant inside his home. Stamps was reportedly shot while he was lying on the floor with his hands up as officers worked to secure the scene.

District Attorney Gerry Leone said Framingham SWAT team member Paul Duncan was moving toward Stamps to secure his hands behind his back when he lost his balance.

WBZ-TV’s Jack Williams reports.

In a statement, the DA says, “while falling, Officer Duncan removed his left hand from his rifle, which was pointing down towards the ground, and put his left arm out to try and catch himself. As he did so, he heard a shot.”

At that point, the DA said Officer Duncan realized he was practically on top of Stamps and that Stamps was bleeding.

The DA said there’s no evidence to suggest Officer Duncan intended to pull the trigger or that he was reckless.

“My sincerest condolences go out to Mr. Stamps’ family and many friends for what is an extremely tragic and sad incident,” District Attorney Leone said.

The victim’s family announced Wednesday that they will launch a civil rights investigation into Stamps’ death.

Comments (20)
  1. CommonSenseMan says:

    yeah right…. Believe that one. NOT!

  2. nonbeliever says:

    And then a magical fairy came out of his butt and covered up the whole mess. what a happy ending to this ridiculous fairy tale

  3. Warren says:

    That’s as good as I don’t know how I became pregnant.

  4. Cynic says:

    At least they no longer say it’s none of our business what the cops name is. As far as his story goes? It just doesn’t have the “Ring Of Truth”. Why did it take all this time to release this when it was decided 5 minutes after the Killing what the story was going to be.

  5. Cynic says:

    There has to be a wrongful death suit. Only then will it be found whether the ballistic evidence;angle of the wounds etc stand up to the Cops Story.If I were the families Lawyer the first thing I would get is a Second autopsy… The first is not always reliable.

  6. Reader says:

    Not reckless? He shot someone. Second rule in guns finger off trigger unless you plan on shooting someone. Lawyers will make this work

  7. roudydowdy says:

    This is another senseless casualty in our “war on drugs”. A war that is being perpetrated by our own government against the people of this country. In Libya they bomb themselves with their own air force. Here we use police forces to attack Americans. We fill prisons with drug abusers and low level dealers while murderers and violent criminals evade overburdened law enforcement agencies. We need to decriminalize drugs and treat abuse as the medical issue that it is and use law enforcement to protect us from real crime.

  8. missgal34 says:

    The story may not have the “ring of truth”, but the “civil rights” investigation, does has the ring of racism to it. Now the family is going to make this into a racial thing?? While no one deserves this fate, accidental or otherwise, might I remind you that there was a DRUG RAID at the home. It is a sad but true fact that these types of things can happen when one is involved in that type of activity.

    1. Cynic says:

      missgal134….your Racism is showing.EVERYONE has an absolute right not to be killed wrongfully by the Police. What kind of “Activity” was he involved in ? Watching TV in his own home? Bear in mind… There were NO DRUGS in the home.

      1. Cynic says:

        Missgal134…. Not “Civil Rights”….”It’s “Wrongful Death”. Is your Husband a Cop?

    2. appalled resident says:

      The victime had nothing to do with the drug raid. A SWAT team was NOT necessary for the situation. It was an incredible case of overkill with the “boys” in blue with their “toys”. It shows how unnecessry the extreme action was. The Framingham Police have no business utilizing a SWAT team; it should be disbanded. They should be ashamed of themselves BIGTIME.

  9. Cynic says:

    You don’t have your rifle in you hands when you are going to handcuff an unresisting man You either set it aside or you hand it to one of the other Cops..Or you have one of the Cops that doesn’t have a Rifle in his hands do the Cuffing..His story Stinks..We have to remember …This is Framingham where a broken tail light is a big event for the Police.

  10. Anotherday says:

    Missgal…civil rights are actually for ALL americans, have you not been introduced to the constitution..that might be why we have this problem with cops and law makers trying to be our Mommies and not leaving us to our CIVIL liberties..remember our really white wigged out a civics book before you make a silly comment. If you are all for getting shot in the back in your PJ’s in the safety of your own WAY overtaxed have that right.

  11. Cynic says:

    This story is not much but it is all they have… Any first year Law Student could tear them a New A.H. when it gets to Court.Of course it is no skin off the Cops nose…The People Of Framingingham will pick up the tab for him. He will be still free to run around playing ” Swat Team”.

  12. givemeabreak says:

    Did we all lose sight that this guy was in a house during a DRUG RAID?? It’s unfortunate, but let’s look at the whole picture here. Clearly he’s not your average law abiding citizen. Stay away from drugs and your likelihood of being accidentally shot will decrease significantly-drugs will kill you one way or another.

    1. appalled in Framingham says:

      The man was a retired MBTA employee. His nephew or grandson was the person of interest to the police. Check your facts before you go off on something.

    2. Cynic says:

      givemeabreak…read the rest of the comments…IDIOT.

    3. marlon says:

      my man this is MY FATHER you are talking about and if it was your father I KNOW you would’nt even type a response like this, by the way the RACE THING we are using , would be the HUMAN RACE . Have you ever heard of them.

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