By Paul BurtonBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Latin High School senior Taylor Taffey is taking the lessons she learned in history class to help her older brother, Lance Corporal Scott Laffey, who is serving in Afghanistan.

WBZ TV’s Paul Burton reports

She learned that many of the Marines serving overseas, including her brother are in desperate need of socks.

“He means a lot to me. And from what I heard over there, socks become disposable. They are so soaking wet you can’t do anything with them afterwards. (The troops) are really complaining about the flash floods and please send socks,” Laffey said.

Laffey started a project called “Socks for Servicemen.”

“You buy a pair of socks, preferably white crew socks so they can be comfortably worn in boots, and place them in one of the drop-off boxes spread throughout the city,” Laffey said.

Many servicemen and women’s feet have become drenched from walking in flooded roads and trenches. It makes it very difficult to serve.

“It’s something that’s overlooked, that needs to be addressed,” Laffey said.

Something as simple as a sock can go a long way.

The drop off boxes can be found at:

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  1. Eleanor Laffey says:

    Paul…thank you so much for the story I’m sure it will help with the cause. There was never any mention of where socks can be dropped off. It was very nice meeting you today. Thank you

  2. Jim Mc. says:

    How about water proofing / camp spray for there boots I work out doors in all kinds of weather and that stuff works wonders for keeping your boots dry! just spray it on and let dry overnight, it lasts for approx. 3 mounths. Dry boots equals dry socks!

    1. Eleanor Laffey says:

      Jim mc, that’s a great idea except these guys don’t have overnight to let the spray dry on their boots. Also they are patrolling through trenches and canals so they are sometimes stepping into water well above their boots Before they are deployed the boots are waterproof but as we all know that stuff doesn’t stay on forever. We just sent over a new paiir of boots for our son so that maybe one pair can dry when he wears the other pair or at the very least he can wear the dryer of the two. Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. Paul L says:

    We want to help. unable to get into boston. is there a way to
    donate money?

    1. Eleanor Laffey says:

      absolutely. Taylor’s email is Checks can be made payable to Sokcs For Servicemen and mailed to 31 Duval St., Brighton, MA 02135

  4. Debbie says:

    Way to go Taylor !!! My son is in the Navy and I send him socks & T-shirts all of the time. It’s something we at home take for granted. I am a nurse so I am well aware of the foot problems our service men & women could have from not having dry or clean socks. I live in Virginia is there anyway we could get this started down here? On behalf of our Troops thank you !!

    1. Eleanor Laffey says:

      It’s simple…just call local ares atores, pubs, banks etc and ask if you can use them as a drop off. Just make sure you use the local media to get your message out. Good luck. Taylor also wrote letters soliciting monetary donations to cover the cost of shipping. “Socks For Servicemen” is now on facebook.

      1. Margaret Christiansen says:

        I typed in socks for servicemen on search on facebook and I could not locate it?

      2. Margaret Christiansen says:

        I found it! I posted it to my site. God Bless You!

  5. Tammy Furno Murray says:

    Is there an address we could ship to?? Maybe set up a post office box for those of us outside the Boston area can send them. I would be more then happy to get a box together and ship it!!

    1. Eleanor Laffey says:

      You can go on a Marine website and see if they have somewhere for you to donate care pkg items locally I am sure they are in every state, Thanks

      1. Taylor Laffey says:

        It seems that it would an added expense to ship the socks. If you are still interested though you can mail socks to Taylor Lafey. 31 Duval St., Brighton, MA 02135
        Thank you

  6. Sheila Gnerre says:

    God Bless you for your good works. Thank you Taylor. My son is a Marine serving at Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan. I thought he said they were only allowed to wear boot sock brown or black? Along with the green tee shirts. So is it OK to send regular tees and white socks? God Bless our troops please come home soon.

    1. Eleanor Laffey says:

      I would only send him what he says he can wear. It differs amoung battalions and platoons.

  7. Cheryl S. says:

    Coud we start more drop off spots in different cities??? I am in Waltham and would love to help out.

    1. Taylor Laffer says:

      Yes that would be geat!! If you would like to find places that would like to have a drop off box, then out it in the local paper so people are aware of it. I would be willing to get the boxes, place them at the locations and pick them up when needed. you can reach me at laffeyfam6@comcast,net

  8. jaygee says:

    Are we being told that we can spend billions of dollars on bullets & bombs but not socks and other necessities? Why am I not surprised. These two “wars” have lasted twice as long as World War Two and yet there is still no democracy for women and the enemy still controls two-thirds of Afghanistan, Nine years, over a trillion dollars and counting, 6,000 dead soldiers, tens of thousands wounded and we’re worrying about socks.

    1. DJN says:

      That’s it in a nut shell. Oh and they have to buy their socks, extra uniforms, etc…etc… Anytime the military makes a change to the uniform they have to purchase them. AND their unifrom allowance is only given once a year and doesn’t even cover the cost of a full set. The higher your rank the more money you get. Seems to be the wrong way the lower rank ones are the ones who need the extra money for uniforms. Let’s not forget that they will also get them stolen and they have to replace them. Most of the time they will go to the second hand uniform shops because they are so much cheaper. I could go on and on about living conditions on the ships, it’s just not fair. They have volunteered to protect We the People of the United States and yet the Troops and their families are the ones sacrificing everything. So to answer your question “yes” we are worried about socks especially if it will make our Troops more confortable. Have you or are you willing to live in sub- standard conditions and go without a simple pair of clean socks for your country??? Once again Way to Go Taylor !!!!

  9. Stephen Morris says:

    I own a business in West Roxbury. Would you like to set up a drop-off station here? Thank you for doing this project. I have a son (BLS Class of 2009) serving in the Marines. Stephen Morris

  10. Taylor Laffey says:

    Please thank Stephen for his service. Scott was also class of 2009!!! We would love to use your place of buisiness as a drop of f location. Please contact me at the above email address. Thanks Semper Fi

  11. Taylor Laffey says:

    just to let everyone know “Socks For Servicemen” now has a facebook page…come check us out!

  12. Maria Ceddia says:

    My students would like to help out. Tell us what to do, what kind of socks and we will hold an out of uniform day(tag day) for a pair of new socks. We will need a drop off box? We can do this for you in March.
    Maria Ceddia Director of Guidance
    Saint Clement High School

    1. Taylor Laffey says:

      Tha’s a great idea. They need cottoncrew socks (over the calf for boot comfort)
      White is fine but greay and tan are also good. Thank you so much. My email is Please keep in touch.

  13. Peg Christiansen says:

    How wonderful you are to take this upon yourself to collect socks for the servicemen!
    I wish there were more collection boxes too. I live near Orange,Mass and maybe if you contacted Wal-Mart they might donate and also have boxes set up in their stores ???
    Maybe if you contacted Hanes they would be happy to donate also.

  14. Paula Fitz says:

    Let’s get every school in the state , this is a huge big deal!!!! Let’s get business’s, tv stations, big corporations, small business’s, I don’t care who you are, a pair of socks is nothing to you, BUT ITS A BIG DEAL TO OUR MEN AND WOMEN FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM AND OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!

  15. Paula Fitz says:

    Taylor, you can set up a drop of at my residence!!!! How about St. Columbkille’s, St. Anthony’s Rectory, I work at Wingate @ Brighton, I will set one up there!!!!!!!!

  16. Jean Thornton Gove says:

    Here’s a link to a GREAT story about collecting socks for Serviceman. It was started by a seniot at my H.S. If anyone wants to drop off some new socks w/ me…I will deliver them into BLS. (I’m overdue to visit my Dad, who is in a nursing home right down the street.) GREAT CAUSE!!

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