What a day out there! Definitely a bit more sunshine than I was expecting…but no one is complaining. Sun and a SSW wind pushed high temps into the Lwr-mid 50’s. 55 at Logan airport. Clouds will be on the increase tonight. These clouds will trap in todays warmth. This along with south winds should help to keep temps pleasantly mild through the overnight in the 40’s. Temps will be climbing right back into the 50’s tomorrow as warmer air remains in place along the eastern seaboard ahead our approaching rainfall.

Rain is extending from Upstate NY al the way down to the Gulf of Mexico where we have seen some severe weather in Louisiana. 4 confirmed tornadoes in the state with one Tornado in Rayne, LA 300 yards wide injuring 50 people, doing substantial damage. This energy and area of low pressure is what we are going to track tomorrow as it will ride the boundary separating the warmth from the cool which is charging down the Plains and into the Great Lakes. This low will be crossing through New England tomorrow night with heavy downpours, embedded thunderstorms, and the potential for some localized street and stream flooding.

As the frost pushes through colder air will be moving in on the backside of the front. Winter storm warnings are up for Northern VT through Monday 1 PM. heavy snow for far northern mountains  in the order of 8-16″ of new snow. Heading further south from Lewiston, to Laconia to Ludlow VT…there is the potential for Freezing rain and sleet to develop late tomorrow night and continue through the morning hours Monday before ending as a brief burst of snow. Icing could be a real problem in the north for the monday morning commute.

Further into Southern new England will be seeing mostly rain. Sunday will be dry for most of the day…like today…but more clouds. Rain will push into the west by the afternoon and shift to the coast by evening. Rain will be heavy with embedded thunder. I am expecting about 1-2″ of rain…but some locations may see upto 3 ” before it all quickly winds down Monday afternoon. Rain may briefly end as a period of sleet or snow. Heaviest rain should remain North and west of Worcester. Some urban poor drainage flooding will be possible in downpours in combination with melting snow and poor runoff.

Monday temps will be falling through the day behind the front as we will transition back to a more typical March airmass. Enjoy the warmth while it lasts. Canadian high pressure will supply the chill before the next storm takes and inside track and moves in Thursday afternoon for a bit more rain. Plenty of weather to watch in the next 24 hours …expecially in the colder spots! Monday morning’s commute in Northern new England could be quite icy is spots. Hard to believe with so much warmth the past two days.

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  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thanks Joe.

  2. JimmyJames says:

    Thanks for the blog Joe. Those embedded thunderstorms that you mentioned will be MINOR here unlike what happened in Louisiana today. It looks like severe weather season is getting off to a quick start in parts of the south.

  3. JOHN says:

    Small earthquake hits NH Magnitude 0.8

    1. stan says:

      small is even too big a word to describe it. it was nothing.

  4. JimmyJames says:

    I am happy with the snow we got this winter. It was more than I expected.

    1. philip says:

      Jimmy…frankly I thought we would get barely 40 inches and instead ended up with just about DOUBLE that. IMO Boston was very fortunate considering the water temps stayed near 40+ most of the winter. It has just recently dropped to the upper 30s. Last time I checked it was around 38 degrees.

      Boston 2010-11 total so far = 79.0″

      1. JimmyJames says:

        Philip I was thinking what you were for snowfall back in November. As I said a couple times this winter on the blog the heavy snowfall that fell in the Mid Atlantic last winter shifted north to SNE thanks to a negative NAO which was not too negative to keep the action south of us like last winter.

  5. southshoretom says:

    55F today at Logan…..higher temperature launching pad tomorrow…rain stays west, overall airmass tomorrow as mild as today and I think eastern New England has a shot at peaks of sun. Some town in eastern Mass on a line from Boston to Worcester points north, has a good shot at 60F or a little better tomorrow.

  6. Charlie says:

    We have bare ground here in Norfolk cty, with rain

  7. Charlie says:

    My lawn care company will be out Monday for 1st app, I said ok, can’t believe it, there’s no snow anywhere on property, this is sw of Boston :)

    1. coach23 says:

      Must be nice. I still have TWO FEET of snow on the ground just inside 495;

  8. matt says:

    first time i have seen the pool tarp. since december and the woods has bare spots.around 2 inches of snow ontop of 3 inches of ice. in my back yard.

    this next storm for late this afternoon will be giving the berkshires rain though out the day .That rain will move west ot east with the rain effecting centeral mass early in the afternoon . then the rain will over spread eastern mass late this afternoon. In eastern half of the state temps will be in the upper 50s.
    This storm will end monday afternoon. low to mid 40s for the week ahead with an other storm aiming for us late week. snow to rain. 2 weeks from now it looks a little cooler out . with temps in the 30s.

    1. coach23 says:

      Pool is still under two feet of snow as well

    2. hellcat says:


  9. Kent says:

    Joe i commented yesterday about your comment on yesterdays blog about some big snow storms heading into april,(you never got back to me) that was ridiculous to say as you know that when we turn the clocks ahead winter is for the most part over,it shows that you are just trying to get followers as the season winds down.thats to bad joe.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      So when we used to turn the clocks ahead on the first weekend in April, that’s when winter was over? But now it’s the 2nd weekend in March that winter ends? Just trying to understand what you mean by winter being over based on the clock change.

      I also completely disagree with your comments about Joe.

  10. JimmyJames says:

    Kent don’t put the shovel and boots away just yet. I have seen this many times where it gets mild in March and we get some rain storms only to have a snow storm hit us. I am not saying that will happen this year but it something to keep in my mind.

  11. hellcat says:

    Give it up and stop wishing for snow…you are ALL wrong as usual.

  12. JimmyJames says:

    Take it easy. I am just offering an opinion. I did not attack anyone so relax!

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