LYNNFIELD (CBS) — A Melrose man is under arrest and charged with OUI drugs and vehicular homicide after police say his car hit and killed a man on Route One in Lynnfield.

State police arrested William Halpin III, 25, Friday night after they say he killed a taxi driver who was standing outside his car on the side of the road.

Authorities say at about 8:15 p.m. a taxi cab had hit another car on Route One north in Lynnfield. Both cars pulled over into the breakdown lane to examine the damage and the drivers were standing in between the two cars when authorities say Halpin slammed into one of the cars and the taxi driver.

The taxi driver, a man from Lynn whose name has not been released, was taken to Lynn Union where he was pronounced dead.

A six-year-old boy in the other car that was hit suffered a serious injury.

Halpin was arrested at the scene and taken to the State Police Barracks in Danvers.

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  1. jerry says:

    I hope they throw the guy in jail for a long time . I feel sorry for the person who was killed , that poor guy will never ever get to see his family again because of one jerk who drives drunk . I wonder how many OUI this guy has before this accident ? and if he has had more then one OUI then id go after the courts for not taking this bum off the street in the first place . Its such a tragedy one family lose a father or husband and another loses a family member from drinking to much , its a real tragedy all around that this stuff happens all the time .

  2. DAN says:

    Its quite hypocritical to ask how many OUI’s this guy has had. How would you know? Its a tragedy. I bet the family of the drunk driver in question, is heartbroken. 25 is young. I bet you dont feel bad for his family do ya. You feel bad for the guy that was standing on the side of the most dangerous highway in America. Put your car in the McDonalds parking lot or something. Theres no excuse for driving drunk but, I would like for you to never have more than two drinks again or ask all your friends and associates with substance abuse problems, and think of some ignorant loser calling them a jerk.

  3. a different dan says:

    @dan. You weren’t there, I was. It was horrible. The oui was drugs, like oxycontin, heroin. Those folks in the 25yr olds family have probably been trying to get him to stop for years, with no success. Now he kills someone through neglect because of his drug use. Kinda traumatic for me as well, seeing chest comps on the side of the road, but nowhere near as bad as finding out your dad, husband or brother aint oming home. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such selfish stuff.

  4. Cynic says:

    Where did this accident take place? Was it in the underpass?

    1. a different dan says:

      It was about 100′ after the fat cactus driveway on the northbound side. Right at the 129 East exit sign and the billboard on the side of the road

  5. mike says:

    @ a different dan. who are you to claim that as an observer at night that this was heroin or oxy? Do you have the ability to observe someone and determine what they are on at night from afar? Are you a substance abuse professional, or a licensed medical doctor? Obviously not. You have no idea what you are talking about at all. Police charged the driver with possession of a class D drug, which is marijuana or pot. There are not excuses for driving under the influence of a substance, but you better check yourself and make sure you’ve never made a mistake in your life before you judge someone else. Route 1 is a very dangerous highway that can be difficult to navigate at night for anyone. I’m sure this 25 year old driver never intended to hurt anyone in anyway. This is a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved. Everyone has made a mistake in their life that could have turned out extremely negative. I feel sorry for all the families. But @ a different dan and Jerry, you need to find out what is actually going on before you open your mouth. You completely made up the notion that he was on heroin, and even further more you made up a situation where his parents were trying to get him to stop ‘for years’. Do you think before you write, or you just don’t mind looking stupid?

    1. a different dan says:

      @mike, I guess you’re right. 8:15pm, dropped my pot pipe, good reason to not pay attention at 60Mph on a busy highway just to ensure I hit someone in a lane I shouldn’t be travelling in. Yeah people make mistakes, and yeah I’m a bit presumptuous in assuming oxy. And yeah, I’ve made mistakes, and yeah I’ve smoked pot and drank, and drove, but I’ve also paid attention enough to make sure I didn’t kill someone. Yeah, I’m judging, and yeah I guess maybe I’m overreacting to what I saw, and ya know what, if you’ve seen too many people die in front of you’re own eyes maybe you too might have a presumptuous opinoin. I hope for your sake you can pay attention enough on a straight strip of roadway to smoke your pot (assumption) or whatever drug you’re on and drive and not kill someone in a breakdown lane put in place to allow for breakdowns. I assume you’ll be seeing your friend off to jail from the courtroom. I, on the other hand, will be sending flowers to the unfortunate survivors whose loved one was killed by this idiot. William Halpin III should have been in full control of his vehicle. These folks who got into a realist accident should have been safe with what they were doing, but William Halpin III plowed into them on his own. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

      1. thinkbeforeyouspeak says:

        This was undoubtedly a horrific tragedy for all of those involved and all of their loved ones, respectfully. In fact, a tragedy of this proportion is unfathomable to those of us who (fortunately) were not directly involved and therefore I think it’s completely ignorant and offensive to pass such judgement on the driver and his family. Your claims lack evidence and are thus useless. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had a moment or two when you have had to swerve to avoid an accident. Who is not to say there was a car to the divers left and he had nowhere to go on such a narrow and dangerous route? To pass such judgment and infer that the diver’s actions were in any way intentional is both callous and idiotic. I actually feel sorry for you and the things you just said.

  6. a different dan says:

    @mike, you should read the latest headline on this.

  7. K.L. says:

    This kid hit my parked car and a building two months ago and then said it was because he was “just waking up (at 8pm) to go play basketball” he was clearly out of it on something and clearly did not learn his lesson after his first OUI. too bad his selfish ways had to get someone else killed. and no excuse about being just woken up is going to save his ass now.

  8. mike says:

    @ a different dan, just because he was charged with OUI doesn’t mean that was true, the police might have never done a field sobriety test. We the public have no idea what happened that night, and us educated people wait for the all the facts to surface before rushing to judgement. So thanks for proving my point; showing that you have no idea what you’re talking about. And furthermore, thanks for answering my final question, because you clearly don’t think before you write and you definitely don’t mind looking stupid. Again, I feel sorry for the entire situation and all the families and victims involved. It was a horrible accident.

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