BOSTON (AP) — State officials say the unemployment rate in Massachusetts remained at 8.3 percent in January while the state added 5,600 jobs.

The Office of Labor and Workforce Development said Thursday that preliminary estimates for the month showed more than 3.2 million residents had jobs in Massachusetts, while about 290,000 were unemployed.

The jobless rate was unchanged from December, but was a half-point lower than the 8.8 percent rate in January 2010.

Massachusetts also remains below the current national unemployment rate of 9 percent.

Officials say job gains were seen in several sectors including construction; education and health services; trade, transportation and utilities; and financial activities.

Sectors that lost jobs in January included manufacturing, government, and the leisure and hospitality industry.

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  1. Eric says:

    I think this was the story I caught the tail-end of today at noon. I heard Paula say something about “there’s no new unemployment claims” or “unemployment claims are down” and both her & the other news anchor commenting on how “it’s going in the right direction” and “things are looking up”. Now, for a hard dose of reality. I am one of the STILL unemployed whose unemployment insurance RAN OUT at the beginning of the year, because I’ve been receiving it since February of 2009 when I was laid off. I CAN’T FILE A NEW CLAIM, or so I was told. Do all these statistics take this into account? Because I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s misinformed reports like this that could make obama start to look good, like his plan is actually working in our favor. Sure, I’m getting an education and starting a new career soon, but I’m also losing my house this year. I’m also on the hook for a sizeable educational loan now. If we don’t start getting the WHOLE story about unemployment and the economy the worst could happen. Which would be for obama to get elected to another term.

    1. Sick of it says:

      AWWW 2 years of no work I feel bad for you.. what a joke unemployment is. Seems almost like welfare to me.

      1. Eric says:

        What do you do for work? I drove a truck every day for years, then suddenly had no job with a mortgage and family. It’s not like I sat around and did NOTHING, I went back to school to train for a new trade when I realized I couldn’t get another job doing what I was doing PERIOD in this economy let alone making what I was making for money. It can happen to ANYONE. Maybe it will happen to YOU.

    2. massman says:

      Eric don’t take this the wrong way, but I can’t have any sympathy for someone like you. I did, until you started blaming Obama for this mess. What makes me laugh, is you’ll vote against yourself next election. Having the ability to survive on unemployment for as long as you have, is not because of your so called friends on the right.

      1. Sick of it says:

        I am not against unemployment but I think 2 years is excessive for anyone. Same as welfare for life. But good for you making the most of it with school.

  2. Eric says:

    Oh, I DON’T blame obama solely. It took a bunch of misinformed, hungry-for-a-change idiots to put him where he is didn’t it? Who were the first people to jump on the obama bandwagon? That’s right, the hollywood elite. People who aren’t affected by the decisions of the politicians. Well we certainly GOT a change, didn’t we? From bad to worse. Now my WIFE lost HER job the other day! Know what I told her to do? Get on unemployment and SOAK UP EVERYTHING THEY’LL GIVE YOU just like I did. You bet. Because until I got unemployment for 2 years, I NEVER SAT ON MY ASS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME AND COLLECTED A THING. NEVER. I’ve always worked, and worked HARD, for a living. Are you people politicians or oil executives? Because you sound to me like the kind of individuals that aren’t affected AT ALL by the current goings-on. As for you, “massman”, (fitting) I don’t BOTHER voting. No matter WHO you vote for nothing ever changes. The rich get richer, the poor get PORKED. Think about that when you drive your european yuppiemobile home from your cushy little pencilpusher job to your little 7-figure nest to eat your 4-course dinner with your ever-expanding family, whilst my wife, 1 child & I eat macaroni & cheese again.

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