BOSTON (CBS) – Some local students are furious after Emerson College promised them on-campus housing, and then took it away.

The students claim Emerson overbooked dorm space, promising more rooms than they could deliver.

Three Emerson College sophomores are concerned about where they’re going to live next year. As juniors they thought their housing was guaranteed.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

“When we came into Emerson as freshman, they said, ‘New policy. You are required to be on campus for all three years, up until junior year. Then afterwards, maybe,” said one of the students.

On Wednesday, the school sent out an e-mail saying housing for juniors is not guaranteed. Instead they’ll have to go through a random housing selection.

“They told us we would have housing. They screwed up, and now they are forcing us to pay for their mistakes,” said the student.

Patrick was one of the first to learn he was denied.

“It means a lot of things. I have to find my own apartment, if I can even find my own apartment. I don’t come from a particularly wealthy family,” said Patrick.

“It’s horrible. Some of my best friends are facing the possibility they’re gonna have to leave Emerson because they cant afford to live off campus,” said the other student.

The housing office is closed this weekend, but come Monday, Emerson students said they plan to swarm the front doors and voice their concerns and try and get some answers.

“I’m probably going to wake up extra early, go to the housing office as soon as they open, exchange some words that will express my displeasure, but not the point it will ruin my chances of being on the waiting list,” said Patrick.

Bill, meanwhile, said he will receive housing next year, but the friends planned on rooming with were denied.

“So now, what we were planning has been completely blown out of the water,” said Bill.

Emerson released this statement about the situation:

“Emerson guarantees on-campus housing for all freshmen and sophomore students, and offers housing to juniors on a space-available basis. The college proactively assists those students who may need help in finding off-campus housing.”

Comments (4)
  1. ellen says:

    as the parent of a next year junior this is horrible!!!! the areas these students can afford are not safe for single girls and as told by a past emerson parent…. emerson doesn’t help with the financial aide to these apartments so we helped raise money to open a new dorm and now our juniors are out pounding the street …how about taking care of the existing students and allow in only the freshman we can house!!!!!

  2. Anne says:

    Get over it!! As a recent Emerson grad it is so much better living off campus – and way cheaper!! It isn’t horrible and there are many safe neighborhoods.. juniors and seniors have always been living off campus.

  3. Lauren says:

    Yeah, I agree with Anne. I’m an Emerson junior living on campus and can assure you that my living expenses for the entire year don’t come close to the $13,000 I was paying to live on campus for eight months. Money isn’t the issue here—this is just an opportunity for a bunch of overdramatic 20-year olds to play victims.

  4. Alex says:

    According reporting in The Berkeley Beacon, Emerson’s only independent newspaper, students were originally frustrated that they were being forced to live on campus:

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