Breastfeeding Mothers Share Milk Over Facebook

By Beth Germano, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Jessica Elways believes in the benefits of breast milk for her seven month old daughter Penelope, but keeping a steady supply hasn’t been easy.

“I work 45 to 50 hours a week. My supply started to dip, and since I work in retail I can’t pump as much during the day,” she said.

She needed something other mothers have and turned to the Facebook site “Eats on Feets” to find it.

Mothers like Jocelyn Tremblay who are willing to donate their breast milk.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“I think it’s a valuable thing for people to have who maybe have no supply of their own,” she said. With her newborn son, Adam, she has a surplus of breast milk and just discovered “Eats on Feets” to post her willingness to donate.

“I think a great thing about Facebook is that it’s very fast and very direct,” said Tremblay.

But it is too fast and too risky for some, including The Mothers’ Milk Bank of New England, based in Newton.

“There are times when moms can be transmitting things to babies they don’t even know about,” said Executive Director Naomi Bar-Yam.

The milk bank screens and processes breast milk for distribution to needy babies for $4.25 an ounce.

Unlike a milk bank, “Eats on Feets” is an exchange with no regulations and no fee. Jessica Elways doesn’t mind the risk.

“I think breast milk has the most benefits, they get the antibodies they need,” she said. It’s a mother-to-mother bond that’s based on trust.

“I think trusting you’re feeding your own child as well, and would hope that you’re a healthy and drug-free person to do that,” said Jocelyn Tremblay.

Donors and recipients are responsible for their own delivery arrangements, and are cautioned by “Eats on Feets” of the benefits and risks.

It’s now becoming a global milk-sharing network that has the Food and Drug Administration now considering whether the milk banks should be regulated.

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  • Anonymous

    This is really cool! I am glad some people realize the benefits of breast milk and are willing to help their children out. Props!

    • scott dinzler

      better keep it on the down low or the FDA AND ALL THE GOVT CRONIES will make a law against it

      • Mike M

        and or tax it…

      • HPS

        How true.. however.. I do see MANY potential problems here with the quality.. tread with care.. and the other thing is the GOVERNMENT will want their SHARE of your labors what will the taxes be on this..

      • Aaron Gibson

        yeah, the fed will call this bartering!

    • Jeri Tonti

      no props the heck do you know what diseases the donating mothers are carrying….protect your babies…dont do this….

      • texan past. tech

        I used the be the pasteurization tech at an official Non-Profit Milk Bank. This way of sharing milk is EXTREMELY risky! The donor moms for the Milk Banks are carefully screened and bloodwork drawn. Still, even after pasteurizing, sometimes the samples sent to the lab “grew” and as a result, the milk had to be discarded. There are appx 11 Milk Banks in the country – all Non-Profit, who would LOVE to have your extra milk. The one I worked for made sure to have EVERYTHING (including containers) available so as there would be no cost to donating mothers. Please go to to find a Milk Bank near you. Don’t worry if there’s not one within driving distance. Many have drop-off locations all over their state, and it can be shipped frozen with dry ice.”Sharing” these Drops of Gold is one of the most incredible things you can do – just PLEASE do it right – and SAFELY!

      • Tom

        These mothers evidently know each other, and are operating on trust, not fear. That means they’re being cautious. Fortunately, it’s still a free country in some ways, so they need not heed the warnings of people who make choices for other people out of fear. Hopefully communities like this will be not tampered with, and will flourish.

      • Reality


      • Tom

        Reality: All those CAPS REALLY PROVE YOUR POINT!


        You’ve obviously not read the article closely

      • A donor mom

        Most women are exchanging medical records and the details of their diets and lifestyles. in addition to the milk. Also, many moms who receive donations flash heat the milk in order to pasteurize it, just as we do with cows milk.
        Maybe take a quick look at Eats on Feets before freaking out. There are many such recommendations posted.
        Why are so many people all up in arms about this? It clearly isn’t something that they choose and therefore has no effect of them whatsoever.

    • Bob

      There is a underground movement to educate and aid
      Check out
      Milk brings hope or the breast milk foundation
      They collect and freeze milk for the most needy
      We in the USA have no govt education on the benefits vs risks of natural mothers feeding vs formula . , keep up the good work facebook

    • Jennifer Bratcher Beck

      Say yes to the Militant Lactivists!!!!!

    • strongteamaker


      Will the milk be labeled with the race of origin like beef? Will the milk donor be FDA certified DESEASE and DRUG FREE?

    • vivi2009

      But so dangerous not to test the breast milk first!! HIV, among other diseases can be passed through breast milk. Just like donating blood, it must be tested first. I am a breast feeding mom who would die before letting my baby drink untested breast milk. Please be informed and be careful!

  • blech

    Better that than whipping ’em out in public and making us all look at them.

    • Tina

      Isn’t it nice people like Bleechh can have a public forum where they can safely exhibit their ranting neurosis? I’d much rather walk by a breastfeeding mom than have to look at him. Thank God for anonymity, or he’d be the town idiot.

      • el gato

        Tina, I like breast feeding women who have both of her breasts out…one in use and the other one on display! Sweet!

  • Angel_B

    @blech – then don’t look. Our breasts were designed to feed our babies. I was told by my son’s doctor that had I not been breastfeeding him until he was 4 years old he would have died. He was exposed to toxic mold in our home when he was a year old. It decimated his immune system. The only thing that saved him was the fact I was still nursing him and it rebuilt his immune system.

    • Priscilla

      I agree with you to the first sentence and your entire words! That’s scary that your son would have died had it not been for breastmilk. My Mom did this with all her children. Breastmilk really saved his life and it is like medicine! Thank you for your comment, Angel B.

      • D

        That is a great exception. The rest of us shouldn’t breast feed 4 year olds.

    • Ron Ocala

      My post below was intended as a reply to your post Angel.

    • blech

      4 years old? That borders on incest.

      • Amanda

        The average weaning age worldwide is 4.2 years. There is nothing incestual about it. It is about meeting the needs of your child.
        I don’t understand the hesitancy with human breastmilk when the population has no problem drinking cow breastmilk.

      • Worried Human

        I agree …, that’s a bit creepy.

      • Bubba Six Pack

        You don’t understand the difference between nuturing and incest. Sad.

        People are really confused about sex.

      • Virgil

        I agree with Bubba. Blech, that was a rather rude, judgemental, and ignorant statement. Do you realize what you have just suggested. The mother does not breast feed her child of any age with the intent you have (likely inadvertently…hence my comment of ignorance) suggested.

      • Suzanne

        Such attitudes are all in your own head. To mother and baby, it has nothing whatsoever to do with sex, and millions of American mothers participate in extended breastfeeding.

        Extended Breastfeeding – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

        I can’t say I’ve never donated a bottle of breast milk to a friend with a sick baby, but frankly, I’m too jealous to have given someone else’s breast milk to my own baby.

      • chill

        the average age of weaning worldwide is four. AVERAGE! you are clearly confused about the function of the breast!

    • Melvin

      Please don’t patronize the public with, “It’s my right, or don’t look.” This, debate that is going on, has more to do with in your face mommy activism, than plain old breast feeding. Its a status symbol nowadays to new mothers to flop out an old booby and letting the kid suckle.
      Bottom line girls women have been breast feeding since man started to walk the earth and hasn’t been an issue until you made it an issue. Many mothers today are making this an issue, because they want to be noticed.
      There is enough accommodations in public places for you to privately breastfeed your newborns than flopping out the old booby any old time and place you feel like it.
      If you want to be noticed make your kids behave when you go shopping.

      • Amanda

        Enough accomodations? I haven’t seen any on my shopping trips. THe bathroom doesn’t count. Public bathrooms are disgusting. There is no way I am feeding my baby in one.
        I’m not looking for status or recognition bc I breastfeed. It is about providing the best I can for MY child.

      • Reform Now!

        @ Dr. Kevin Brophy- How you enjoyin those perks from the pharm companies? It’s nice going out to dinner on their dime…

      • blech

        Thank, you. Very well said.

      • kightwite

        “There is enough accommodations in public places for you to privately breastfeed your newborns than flopping out the old booby any old time and place you feel like it.”

        I say your comments are evidence that the mother’s weren’t the first to make a big deal out of it. Honestly, this is a deeper issue than rights. For years, it’s been a matter of self-esteem. Comments of others are saying that women should feel dirty for offering such care to their species.

        This is only the tip of it, but I don’t expect anyone who hasn’t looked at both sides of it by now will at this point.

      • Dawn

        exactly. it’s not like men walk around with no shirt on and their giant manboobs . . . oh, wait

      • Amy

        Wrong! There are not enough locations… when I nursed my son, if I wanted a private place to feed him I almost always had to do it in a bathroom stall in a public restroom… do you really think that is a good option?!? It is not easy to nurse your babies descretely if you ever want to leave your home.

        And to turn your arguemnt around… yes, women have been breast feeding their children since the beginning of man, it is natural and normal… unless you live in the U.S. where is is considered voyerism?!? If you beleive that it is second nature, as you eluded to above, why are you so disgusted by women doing it!?!

      • Suzanne

        Melvin and Blech, Here – Educate yourselves.

        Discreet Breastfeeding, Needless Debate

      • Amy

        Suzanne… why use a pump when the real deal is available and ready? Plus then you have to find a descreet place to pump!?! Unless all these people who are offended to see you feed your child suddenly don’t mind watching women hook up a breast pump in public? You can’t just pack a whole bunch of breast milk and leave for the day never to think about it again until you return home, it doesn’t work that way, inevitably you will still need to pump.

      • Suzanne

        Amy, it was a breastfeeding article that happened to be on a breast pump site. But how do you think these woman are sharing their breast milk, anyway? I guarantee you, they are not passing their babies around. They are passing bottles or bags of breast milk around.

      • Amy

        Suzanne, I have to admit I only glanced at the article you posted before commenting, but I wasn’t commenting on the the article but rather on the title of the article, which you typed like a statement and not as a title to the article. I was saying that to those who believe that pumping is somehow the solution to women breast feeding in public are sadly mistaken. Also, I was not referring to women ‘passing their babies around’ obviously they would be pumping to share milk (which by the way I would never do), but Melvin to whom this thread is a reply to, commented that women only feed their children in public because they are seeking attention… I don’t want him or others to be mislead into believing that somehow the ability to pump means there is never a need to nurse your child, thus my line “why use a pump when the real deal is available?”

      • KC

        As a mom who breastfed … I agree with Melvin. It’s about having ” respect ” for others. It’s called ” baby nursing etiquetted ” … plain and simple! In the VERY LEAST, use a light baby blanket and cover yourself if you can’t find a quiet secluded place to nurse.
        I had a Sis in Law who nursed her 2nd after I had nursed my 1st son .. she had to show she was just as good a mother as I was. She was the type who would just pull it out and expose ALL which made everyone leave the room! Nursing your baby is important but theres no reason to flaunt the fact that you are. At a couple times while nursing, I needed to nurse my nephew and a good friends baby as they had gone shopping and I was available!
        I would hope nursing Moms would show more Etiquette while nursing and have respect for their baby and themselves.
        god bless all nursing moms!

      • Angel_B

        Many people are surprised to learn that experts consider 4 or 5 years to be the average age of weaning worldwide.
        (Lawrence, R. A. and R. M. Lawrence. Breastfeeding:A Guide for the Medical Profession. St. Louis: Mosby, 1999. ) (Dettwyler, K. A. A time to wean. BREASTFEEDING ABSTRACTS 1994; 14:3-4. )

        More and more experts and professionals are encouraging extended breastfeeding, as there is substantial evidence that health benefits continue and increase the longer the child breastfeeds. The current recommendations of the World Health Organization and UNICEF are for all mothers to breastfeed until age 2 or beyond. Studies have shown that the antibodies and immunities in a mother’s milk are more concentrated the longer she nurses, to make up for the fact that the child does not nurse as often. Recent studies also indicate that extended periods of breastfeeding offer mothers protection against breast cancer.
        (Layde, P. M. et al. The independent associations of parity, age at first full- term pregnancy, and duration of breastfeeding with the risk of breast cancer. J Clin Epidemiol 1989; 42:966-72.) (Newcomb, P. A. et al. Lactation and a reduced risk of premenopausal breast cancer. New Engl J Med 1994; 332:81-87. )

      • nursed all five

        Since you have a man’s name I doubt you know anything about available places to nurse. Most men are too hung up on breasts to not turn the sight into something sexual for themselves. I was able to nurse in public and no one saw my breast although you could tell some men could not control their thoughtlife when they realized what you were doing. Grow up!

      • Jo

        Amen! I am am mom of five and this doesn’t need to be an issue- get of your “milk” box and get a life!

      • Roy

        Melvin, actually its folks like you that stirred the puddin. average people dont notice or dont care. Then you have some uptight citizen that cant differentiate between the two uses for the breast (sexual gratification and providing natural nutrients to infants) and freak out.

        Some uptight self righteous idiot claims offense because they cant tell the difference and tells them to go feed in a bathroom because they cant do it “here”. I got a better idea. how about you eat YOUR lunch sitting on a toilet and see how much you like it?

        By the way, its law in most states (if not federal law) for women to be able to breastfeed ANYWHERE they are allowed to be normally.

      • Robert

        The only reason mothers are making it an issue it because they want to feed their children in peace, not to be noticed. It is ludicrous to believe that a mother feeding her baby is only thinking of herself. She is thinking about the well being of her baby FIRST.

      • Mommy_5

        Wow, such ignorance, you said “enough accomodations in public places to “”privately”” breastfeed.” Well then the next time you get hungry in public why don’t you privately feed yourself so we don’t have to look at you while you chew.

      • Reform Now!

        I KNOW! This reminds me of how women think they can just give birth however they want, too. I mean think about it- they want to give birth WITH THEIR LEGS OPEN! Uggh! Who do they think they are? Why don’t they just schedule their c-section and be done with it! Goes right along with women thinking they have the right to do what they want with their own bodies! WHEN are they going to realize they are only to display their bodies WHEN and IF we want to see them, with, like, sexy, low-cut tops. Someone tried to complain the other day that this girl’s top was too low cut and I was like, Why? Women are allowed to breast feed in public. Why can her tits hang out too?

    • Mike M

      But there is a biologic behavioral explanation why men may have evolved to instinctively like females with larger breasts – they are likely to be more able to feed his offspring.

    • Karen

      And your physician handed you a load of BS IF he actually told you that. Toxic mold has nothing to do with breast feeding because the antibodies are only present in the colostrum, which is gone in the first few weeks. So at a year old, other than being given what amounted to a custom formula, it had nothing to do with your son’s recovery.

      • jamie

        u r an idiot!

      • Linda

        Karen there are antibodies in breast milk throughout the breastfeeding of a child. Whenever the mother is exposed to a virus or other sickness her bodies’ antibodies are transmitted to her milk. I’m a retired LACTATION CONSULTANT..

      • Joe

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. All breast milk contains antibodies, not just the first few weeks. Scientists just now are finding other advantages such as T-cell encoding which helps prevent autoimmune diseases when the child reaches adulthood.

        Breast feeding till four is very common throughout the world-it’s just in the US that it has a stigma. My wife nursed my son till four under the recommendation of his pediatrician.

        Public health policy in the US is dictated by the pharmaceutical industry hawking the next product. How many children have died worldwide because of companies like Nestle (largest producer of formular) selling tainted or incomplete formular. Nothing beats mother’s milk.

        Throughout the world women have been feeding other children’s babies when their own supply was reduced-wet nurses.

      • Dr. Kevin Brophy

        Linda – “Lactation consultant” not withstanding, breastfeeding after 6 months does not carry the same benefits as early breastfeeding. Its more a psychological bond between mother and child. The important antibodies carried by the breast milk in the first 6-7 months diminish thereafter and you essentially left with what amounts to just really good tasting formula. Women exchanging breast milk has absolutely no benefit for the child as the breast milk is coming from different DNA. The whole purpose of breast feeding from mother to child is they share similar DNA and the antibodies carried through the milk are only beneficial to that child. A baby drinking another mother’s breast milk as ZERO benefit to the child.

        I am pediatrician.

      • MD

        Dear Dr. Kevin,

        I am disappointed that you are a pediatrician and not properly informed. The antibodies in breast milk that are passed on to the child (IgD if you’re curious) have nothing to do with compatibility of the mother’s and child’s DNA. The antibodies are active against the molecules they have been optimized to recognize….end of story.

        Dr. M Ph.D.

      • Angel_B

        Extended Feeding Fact Sheet – PDF file

        The toxic mold actually created mycotoxins that destroyed my son’s immune system, verified via low t-cell counts and immunological studies that detected the mycotoxins. The breastfeeding and antibodies from breastfeeding rebuilt his immune system.

      • Dan

        Frankly, I am disgusted with bottle feeding. Could you please be more discreet while bottle-feeding? It offends me that you as a parent would want to stick bpa bottles in your babies mouths for him/her to gulp down genetically modified soy along with all the other junk that is in formula (look at the ingredients for yourself). It also offends me that you put down women for breastfeeding for extended amounts of time, yet it’s okay to feed your child processed foods…. I bet Jesus would be cool with extended breast-feeding over happy meals any day….. But oh well factory farm beef, additives, preservatives, and GMO’s are so much healthier LMAO!

      • Sarah

        Regular breast milk actually contains antibodies for as long as a child nurses. And the American Academy of Pediatrics recommeds breast feeding for AT LEAST the first year of life but notes the benefits to both babies and mothers health if you breast feed beyond that. So the women who nursed her son to age four did indeed provide her son with antibodies to help him recover and her doctor did not hand her a load of BS. Just basic research would get you this information. The point of this article is that people are used to drinking cow breast milk (because cows milk only comes from cows who have recently given birth to calves). Human milk has triple the benefit to to babies and for those who can’t nurse milk sharing may be a viable alternative to formula. Sharing is not for everyone, but only the ignorant make fun of those who choose to go that route. They are acting on the what they believe will be the healthiest option for their child.

  • gramps

    @ $4.25 an ounce Mothers Milk is pretty pricey…..

    I’d say Deval & his buddy in DC will soon announce a new Government program…..

    ‘Boob Stamps’….. will become part of the WIC program!


  • HdmdpICN

    Plain ignorance. Breast milk is bodily fluid. It’s treated as carefully as medication in the intensive care unit. There is potential for transmission of disease and/or transmission of drugs/medications the donor may be on. IF a baby in the ICN is fed the wrong breast milk, both baby and the owner of the breast milk is screened for disease and/or infection. Breast milk is amazing but it is MUCH safer to supplement with formula than it is to give your child a strangers bodily fluid.

    • Mike M

      People exchange spit with each other all the time and I don’t see them dying in the streets. Nice try there Mr. Gerber.

      • lucy

        Hey you Mike M…have you read the latest medical stats on oral sex and oral cancer. Men are getting it like crazy. Put that on your checkup list. Yea, it’s called the pappiloma virus.
        Keep swapping that bodily fluid…Mr. Plato.

    • lucy

      Not on e-bay it isn’t….or let’s swap it mommies….

    • Stuff

      Plain Ignorance? Do you know that most formula contains MSG and non bio available chemical vitamins ( Everyone is born with the common sense that breast milk is better for you than man made chemicals and mutilated heated food that has lost all its enzyme content. It is only responses like yours that try to scare people away. It is unfortunate that you don’t even realize you have been manipulated by big business propaganda

      • hdmdpicn

        @ Jocelyn…Three years ago, I worked in a NICU that used banked milk for their 24-30 week preemies when the mother was unable to supply milk. It cost about $12-14 for 100mL (just over 3oz) and that was 3 years ago. Consents had to be signed to use donor milk and the cost for the hospital was because the milk was pasteurized and screened. I’m not sure how it was charged to the families, if at all, because we would often split the milk between multiple babies so that we didn’t throw any away. Preemies are often only eating 1-20mL every 3 hrs and thawed milk is only used for 24 hours. It’s not cheap and it’s not the same as breast milk from the MOM.

        My argument here is NOT breast milk vs formula. My argument is that breast milk IS a bodily fluid. It’s composition is affected by everything a mother ingests, smokes or drinks. We use pumped breast milk from moms on methadone to help WEAN the baby off the drug after it’s born.

        It is ignorant to say that breast milk is “natural” therefore breast milk is “safe”. It seems ironic that people who are so fearful of formula as a supplement because of its “manmade chemicals and broken enzymes and, oh yea, bug parts” would have no trouble feeding their baby a stranger’s bodily fluids because that stranger is completely wholesome and the chemicals in her breast milk are NATURAL! But whatev… NATURAL does not mean SAFE.

  • clearly


    • blech

      No, just someone sick of women who can’t be discreet and think it’s OK to whip it out whenever and wherever they please. Also, if the child is old enough to walk, it is disgusting.

      Show some respect and do it discreetly. Stop trying to shove it in our faces. Yeah, you reproduced, big deal. Doesn’t mean we all have to watch a show.

      • Jstin

        Thank you blech. It’s fine to breastfeed, just do it in privacy. No one needs to see that. Too many women treat it like a power trip and do it in public to try and make a point. Relax!

      • J D

        You are basing your comment upon social norms. Who are you to say that because a child can walk it is now “disgusting” to feed them the natural food provided for them? The nutrients in breastmilk cannot be replaced by any formula. Studies have shown that the earlier, and longer, a mother breastfeeds, the healthier both she and the child are. Breast cancer rates are MUCH lower among women who breastfed for at least a year for each of their children.

      • Amy

        Blech… you do know that some children learn to walk as early as 8 and 9 months old?!? Most babies start to eat some soft foods at 4-6 months and slowly ween themselves off of nursing, but it is a little different with every child. My son only nursed once a day in the middle of the night by the time he was 11 months and when he finally slept through the night at 14 months he was officially done being nursed. I’m sorry but that is not disgusting!!!

        And women don’t ‘whip it out’ whenever they pleaes, they ‘whip it out’ when their child is hungary and needs to eat.

        I am a very modest woman and never breast feed openly in public, but I can attest that it is very difficul to be discreet! Why is it so difficul t for people to realize that nursing is a wonderful thing, it’s not gross, disgusting, leud, or provocative in any way…

      • Suzanne

        Blech and Justin, Just how many mothers have you actually ever seen breastfeeding in public?

        I think merely stumbling across an article on breastfeeding is what really offended you. You recoil at the thought of it even entering your minds. How sad for your children.

        Heh heh – here’s another one:

        Is it Cultural Elitism to Teach, or Not to Teach, Breastfeeding?

        GO MICHELLE OBAMA!! Breastfeeding would save so many black babies lives that aren’t being saved now, because statistically, fewer black mothers breastfeed.

      • Since this seems to bother you so

        Well, I’ve never had any need to do this in order to nurse my baby but…
        ( ‘ ) ( ‘ )
        (virtually whips out boobs)

      • Angel_B

        I suppose you would prefer women to wear a Burka? May want to cover those arms up….oh, and when you eat, I don’t want to watch you stuff your face, so go sit in the bathroom and eat discreetly so I am not offended…

  • Danielle

    Enjoy it while it lasts, the government will soon “save” you all from yourselves.

  • gen

    AIDS is carried through breast milk. Medications are also carried into the breastmilk. Those using untested milk are putting their baby’s health at risk.

    • Mike M

      Thank you Mrs. Nestle’

    • Karen

      AIDS is not transmitted through ANY body fluid. HIV is. So please do your research. There has also never been a case in medical history of an HIV infection through breast milk…ever.

      • Teresa Ackers

        Flash Heating anyone?

  • Blushinka

    Oh, Angel! Better believe we’re looking. And salivating! Feel free to expose yourself with no thought to the people around.

    • Matt

      Really? Have you seen a picture of Angel? You don’t want to be looking at that. Just think – she breastfed a young adult until 4 years old! Sheesh – my kid was doing my taxes by the time he was 4 years old, what is wrong with this woman that she needed to pull her kid out of preschool every hour so he could breastfeed!! How embarrassing for that kid – I think he will probably live at home as a virgin until he is 40 years old.

      • blech

        Agreed Matt.

        I think that parent has serious emotional issues if she feels the need to embarass her child by breastfeeding when he/she is 4. There is something very disturbing about that.

      • Stuff

        I agree and would not have my kid do that. However it may be all of us who are wrong since in many cultures it was the social norm to feed their kids till that age and more. Those cultures where much healthier than we are today.

  • Michelle

    These women are certainly placing a lot of trust in each other. I would hope that everyone evaluated their fitness as a donor carefully, but there are plenty of sick (mentally and physically) people in this world.

    Breast milk is a bodily fluid, just like blood and semen. I wouldn’t accept an untested blood transfusion for my child and I wouldn’t accept untested breast milk either.

    • blech

      Yes, it is a fluid like semen. Maybe I should start taking care of that biological need in public as well.

    • jstin

      This story is disgusting, What woman cares so little for their child as to give it some strangers breast milk? I mean, are we serious here. And a woman that doesn’t have time to pump milk because she is working doesn’t have time to be a mother,

      • blech

        Amen, jstin!

      • Angel_B

        And how many in this forum drink the milk of an unrelated species that is laden with puss, hormones, antibiotics……even fecal matter……talk about disgusting…..

  • emom

    Why would any mom rely on someone esles breast milk, they must not realize the dangers to others, even simply meds can cause another baby distress, Where is the regulation in this and further more who is regulating the transfer of this.. With all due respect is sounds great on paper, however, its going to cause alot of issues in the long run,,, wait for it,,,,,, can you say lawsuit.. from tainted breast milk.. Oh and I did nurse my child till 1year my own …

  • Ron Ocala

    Don’t fool yourself into believing that the female breast is only for feeding babies. Yes, the female breast is “technically” a milk machine, but they were also designed as one of the most sexually arousing features of a human female to their male suitors. Like it or not, yours have likely been stared at longingly.

    And men, if you’re lucky enough to have a wife who let you indulge in their liquid nutrition, you know what I mean when I say it’s indescribable.

  • KF4766

    So she doesn’t mind the risk. Does this mean she also pays no regard to car seats? Will she not make her child wear a bicycle helmet when she gets older? Your baby’s health is not something that should be put at risk.

    Another point, the bond comes from the act of breastfeeding, not the milk.

    • Dawn

      right! or give her child formula that has god knows what in it – despite how many times it’s been linked to diseases – ridiculous.

  • Donor Mom

    Many moms do ask for your medical records to make sure that you are not carrying any diseases that could be passed via breast milk. They also often ask questions about your diet and lifestyle and meet you in person. The WHO lists donated breast milk as a better choice for babies than formula.

    When I donate to moms I can guarantee them that I have not been given growth hormone, loads of antibiotics, or that my milk doesn’t contain beetle parts. Formula cannot say the same thing.

    • karen

      As a NICU nurse, I can tell you that formula does NOT contain antibiotics, or growth hormones or beetle parts. Infant formula is made from an entirely different process than cows milk and I also have never found beetle parts in my 2% milk that I drink every day. So please do not post inaccurate information.

      Unless those Moms are medical professionals, they do not know how to “read” medical records or know the impact of different medications and how that can affect their baby. Donor milk is NOT equal to the milk of the biological mother…the breast milk content CHANGES with the infant’s needs…you do not get this benefit with donor milk.

      Having medical records does not mean that Mom cannot contract Hepatitis or other disease later…it also does not prove that Mom is not on illegal drugs.

      Donating outside of a bank is DANGEROUS and I cannot wait until laws are passed to stop the practice.

      • Bubba Six Pack

        See the article about bug parts in formula. These mothers should be free to do what they want with their breast milk.

      • Donor Mom

        I love how you keep spouting that you are a NICU nurse as though that makes you an expert in human lactation.

        Formula does contain those things because they are made from cows milk that contains those things. Or from genetically modified soy beans that have been sprayed with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides. Pick your poison.

        They can read that I don’t have any communicable diseases.

        I’m aware that breast milk changes with the infants needs, that’s why I try to donate to moms whose baby is as close in age as possible to mine. This is far different from formula that doesn’t change at all, making your argument against me a moot point.

        And about me contacting hepatitis and using illegal drugs…do you really, really think that there are lactating women out there who are running around doing drugs and catching diseases and then taking the time, energy, and expense to pump milk, contact women, share their medical records, get to know them, and donate their milk to them? Really?

        As long as we’re passing laws about sharing milk let’s pass laws about sharing all body fluids. New laws to be enacted: no kissing my baby (saliva is a body fluid!), no one under the age of 18 can kiss either because there’s more body fluids being shared, no other sexual activity either in that case… Oh goody, maybe the government can try to control every aspect of my life!

  • Leslie

    Beautiful story, ladies! What a wonderful thing milk sharing is!!

  • EnoughAlready

    Ick! Human cows

    • blech

      Ha, too true!

    • Donor Mom

      Um, no. It’s human milk from human women. Better than giving your baby milk from actual cows.

      • blech

        Sure, giving your baby fluid from a complete stranger sounds perfectly normal to me.

      • Stuff

        Actually it is. Wet Nurses have been used throughout history

      • Teresa Ackers

        much better than giving them “bodily fluids” of another species. Ever stop to think that “Milk” as in Cow’s milk is a bodily fluid made for baby cows?

      • Angel_B

        Formula is created from the pus laden milk of an unrelated species, with ground up rocks to increase vitamin content……what a lovely way to feed a child… thank you!!!

  • Kim

    The last place I would look to buy breast milk would be off of Facebook. Well, maybe not last, there is Craigslist still. Sheesh.

    • Donor Mom

      They don’t buy it. It’s donated.

      • Kim

        The last place I would look to FIND breast milk would be off of Facebook. Well, maybe not last, there is Craigslist still. Double sheesh.

  • z

    Better make connections now. The underground economy was crucial for regular people in the soviet union ….. much as at has been here in the more dependant communities.

  • jojo

    Look up the name Elizabeth Glaser. Early in the Aids epidemic, she had received a blood transfusion after complications in the delivery of her first born child Arielle. The blood was infected with the Aids virus. Unknowingly, while she breast fed her baby, she transmitted the Aids virus to the child.

    Any parent who would take this kind of a risk with their child’s life should , in my opinion, be investigated by a social worker.

    • Karen

      Jojo…you posted medically inaccurate information.

      It is SPECULATED BUT NOT PROVEN it was passed from breastfeeding as research on transmission was very shoddy at the time. Considering that there has NEVER been another case since then, it is considered very doubtful that this is how her daughter contracted HIV.

      Her infant was born immediately after the transfusion…it only takes ONE MINUTE for blood to circulate throughout the entire body…so there is no doubt in my mind, that her child contracted HIV via the birthing process and exposed to the tainted blood that was infused.

  • Fusspot

    Listen up everyone. There are nuts out there. Those of you who profess to love your child act it. Because you breastfeed you think you are the end all. Think of your child NOT YOURSELF How do you know what horrible thing could have been added. I breastfed my twins and am a mother of four. Mothers milk and mothers germs should stay between a mother and child. your probably the same parent that let’s a child run rampant in a restaurant BTW. I am also a nurse and loving nanny

  • glenp

    they call em FUNBAGS for good reason!!!

  • EnoughAlready

    Blech, I agree with you. It may be a perfectly natural thing to do, but so is taking a dump and I don’t want to see that either

    • lucy

      Yea, I wish everyone would just keep your bodily fluids to themselves!!!!

      So egocentric to want to share so much of themselves.


  • LookItUp

    This is nothing new. Look up “wet nurse” in the dictionary. This has been going on for centuries.

    • Lucy

      Not the same at all. A wet nurse is registered.

      • Donor Mom

        I’m pretty sure those tribal communities had fabulous wet nurse registries as they communally nursed their children.

      • lucy

        Last I heard we lived in a society….not a tribe. You can’t justify it so stop trying. You are putting your own health at risk. Just stop and realize the damage you may be responsible for.

      • Dawn

        wetnurses were initially registered because there was such a large demand for them and it was a way to keep them centralized. in other words – it was a business strategy not a safety measure

  • Paige

    My daughter recives donated milk from generous moms and of course we screen our milk, most mom’s who recieve donated milk do.

    We have recieved milk from stay-at-home moms, Doctors, scientists, a teacher and a lawyer, among others… all who are so generous to share their extra milk with us knowing the benifits my daughter will recieve…the same as thier own precious children recieve…and all of these wonderful womyn have be very happy to allow me to screen them.

    • joe_shmo

      Glad to hear you’re only getting milk from doctors, scientists and lawyers. It’s a known fact that none of them ever have AIDS, hepatitis, drug addictions, etc.

    • Karen

      It is NOT the same milk.

      Breast milk from your OWN body for your OWN child is unlike that of any other. It completely defeats the purpose of breastfeeding when you use donor milk.

      Unless you are a medical professional and have a lab set up in your house…you THINK you are screening them, but you are not.

  • Kevin

    Them poor children will be exposed to someone else’s milk. They could be drug addicts for all you know. They could have diseases for all you know. They need protection and all the women doing this need to be locked up (for life). Remember, it is for the children. Hopefully, the nanny-state, that all of you women love, comes and gets you and takes away everything you have. Sick women….

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