BOSTON (CBS) – With all the Carmello Anthony trade madness over, now is the time to focus on the little deals that could have a major impact in the NBA.

The Boston Celtics will be one of those teams looking to add help heading into the postseason. With Marquis Daniels out indefinitely with a bruised spine, Delonte West unable to shake the injury bug, and Nate Robinson frustrating fans (and Doc Rivers) nearly every time he touches the ball, another veteran presence seems to be a must for Boston.

ESPN reported Tuesday the team has been talking with the Houston Rockets about a possible deal for forward Shane Battier, a very smart, defensive-minded veteran who would fit in perfectly as the Celtics’ defender off the bench. Battier has years of experience guarding the prolific scorers of the West, such as the Lakers Kobe Bryant, which will come in handy during the postseason (think James Posey in 2008). The biggest asset he would provide for the rest of the regular season is some rest for Paul Pierce as the season winds down.

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The one question with Battier is, what would it take to get a deal done? He is making $7.4 million this season, and the Celtics do not have many trade chips to offer up. The injured Daniels (and his expiring contract), Robinson and a draft pick may just be a pipe dream for Celtics fans, as the Rockets will likely ask for a young, impact player like forward Glen Davis. Is it worth giving up Big Baby’s production off the bench for a defender? That’s the question Danny Ainge may find himself asking before Thursday’s 3 p.m trade deadline.

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  1. Banner18 says:

    Why would Danny value an extremely low first round pick so highly? Its 95% certain that Battier is better than anyone he could find at that draft spot. If you were Houton, would you really turn down Nate, Quis, Bradley and a first round pick for Battier who can walk at the end if the season? They might even take less: Nate, Quis, Luke and a first round. As an added advantage for the C’s, if they do a 2 for 1 trade or a 3 for 2, they can go out after the deadline and pick up another Big and/or backup point.
    Battier is such a perfect fit, Danny should find a way to make I happen. Battier would also ease the transition to the post big 3 era, and make it more likely that the C’s could sign a big name free agent in the future like Howard.
    Go Danny-Go!

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