By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

CHELMSFORD (CBS) – A Chelmsford mother who helped catch a serial killer hovering over her 15-year-old daughter is now sharing her story in a book.

Jeanie McDonough was sleeping in her home, when she and her husband Kevin heard whimpering from her daughter Shea’s room. They walked in together, and found Adam Leroy Lane crouched over Shea with a knife.

“He was standing over our daughter, he was dressed in black, he had a black mask on,” said Jeanie.

WBZ-TV‘s Karen Anderson reports.

Kevin McDonough immediately went after Lane and wrestled him to ground. Jeannie grabbed the knife. They held Lane until the police arrived.

“We had angels watching over us that night,” Jeannie said.

The McDonough’s say they only later learned about Lane’s MO. Authorities say Lane was a truck driver who would stop at rest areas, and then walk into neighborhoods dressed in black, wearing a mask, and carrying an arsenal of knives, and go house to house looking for unlocked doors. Once inside, Jeannie McDonough says, “Lane would hunt humans.”

According to investigators, Lane had killed at least two women and attacked another. Two weeks before the Chelmsford home invasion, on July 13, 2007, police say Lane murdered Darlene Ewalt outside her Pennsylvania home. Authorities say five days later Lane tried to kill another Pennsylvania resident, Patricia Brooks, as she slept. She survived her injuries. On July 29, investigators say Lane killed Monica Massaro in New Jersey.

Jeanie McDonough says, “These kind of random crimes happen to everyone. No one is immune. I never in a million years imagined someone would walk in off the street and terrorize us like that.”

Caught in the Act” will be on store shelves March 1st.

Hear more about the McDonoughs’ terrifying encounter Saturday night on 48 Hours. It starts at 10 p.m. on WBZ-TV.

Comments (4)
  1. Jerry Ford says:

    It seems to me that an event that happened almost three and a half years ago should not be a lead story on the 11o’clock news. The story is just promotional news for a woman’s book about the event. I am glad to see that the earthquake in New Zealand did get the coverage it deserved. Just stick to current news instead promotional stories.

  2. Cynic says:

    I am so glad that WBZ used ‘Dicusses” rather than “Speaks Out”.

  3. Je'nae says:

    I have personally read this book and I have to say that everything that this family went through as well as being extreamly supportive to the two victims throughout their grieving and court hearings. I feel that unless you know the full story, negative feedback is not necessary. This book was a way for Jeannie to get her thoughts and feelings out about the event. It was her form of therapy. What the news chooses to pick as their lead stories is their doing not the McDonough’s. You should also think that if they hadn’t caught this man, how many more victims would have been. Could have been you or a loved one. Don’t say ‘it wouldn’t happen to me’ because it COULD. I personally admire the McDonoughs so much. This happened so close to home (literally less than a mile away from me) and I’m greatful for them to not back down and to put this man where he belongs. In Jail for the remaineder of his life!

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