BOSTON (CBS) — A Boston police officer has been arrested and charged with assaulting his wife.

Dennis Morson, 36, of Roxbury, was arrested early Saturday morning after police were called to his house by his wife who told officers Morson had assaulted her, damaged two doors and left.

Detectives took cigarette rolling papers and a plastic bag with unknown residue from the top of a kitchen cabinet. They also found and took Morson’s department-issued firearm, which was unsecured.

While officers were searching for him, Morson turned himself in to District B2. He is charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, intimidation of a witness and failing to secure a large capacity firearm.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis stated, “These are troubling charges that will be fully investigated. The Boston Police Department continues to ensure our integrity and credibility by taking all alleged matters of officer misconduct seriously.”

Morson, who has been on the force since May 2004, has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Morson is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Comments (11)
  1. Vote Saxon says:

    Dennis Morson you are a POS.Just another loser cop with an attitude.Nothing makes you union cop hacks feel so good unless your abusing your public position as a cop with a generous helping of cowardly beating women.Usually I’m against the death penalty but I can make exceptions in cases like this.I don’t believe the police department takes this seriously.Why hasn’t Ed Davis or Thomashole Nee pushed to fire this creep?Because this is just one day like another,just another walk down Stupid Street.

    1. Cynic says:

      Give Nee a break….He has enough to do trying to keep his kids out of Jail.

  2. Stephen Gitmo says:

    They are only investigating him because he is arrogant and black. There are plenty of abusive cops who are allowed to continue their unsavory activities. One example is a Boston Police Homicide Detective who mentally tortures his wife, and commits her periodically, I know the family and no one helps his wife.

    1. BPD says:

      Let’s not pull out the race card yet .He is a police officer is he not. If it had anything to do with race he would not be a cop in the first place. He maybe arrogant like a lot of us but I am sure it is not because he is black. Let it play out. Maybe this detective you are talking about does have a crazy wife. What would you know about her …. Be careful what you say.

  3. taxedout says:

    He’s a Cop it Doesn’t Count!!!!

  4. emom says:

    ok rolling papers and a substainces really and a firearm that was unsecure,, like that sounds like a GOOD COP.. I dont care what reason he has ,, that is not how any cop should act to anyone especially in their own family,

  5. emom says:

    This guy should loose his badge, He has no right to display abusive behavior with anyone , especially their family. He is to unstable to own a gun. if this happened, there is no excuse NONE at all. to leave a weapon out like that, something is seriously wrong with this,, revoke his badge.

  6. Cynic says:

    No one is more questioning of the Police than myself.There are a multitude of things that they do that I will always jump on them with both feet about. In this instance I see a man no matter what his occupation involved in a bad domestic situation. There was a time that the wife would just have to take it and keep her mouth shut because the Blue Wall extended even to Family Trouble Situations. Fortunately those days are gone. This situation should be handled the same as it would be for any doctor,Lawyer,Truck Driver or 7-11 Clerk in the same situation These situations are not always one sided so we should go through the peocess and find out exactly what happened and then go from there.

  7. Cynic says:

    Is it normal to toss the house went the person you are interested in is not there? In the TOP kitchen Cabinet//// Did Wifey tell them the baggie was there? Whose was it ,his,hers,or both. As I said lets wait until ALL the facts are in.

  8. lori says:

    Davis won’t push to do anything unless he has to before the media finds out.

  9. annonymous says:

    wow .. i know this guy .. or atleast thought i did.. didnt strike me as a woman beater… wow

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