WAREHAM (CBS) — A wild twosome is taking over downtown Wareham. Some say they’re amusing. But they’re also hissing, nipping and holding up traffic.

These swans may seem harmless, but they can be downright nasty.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.


Comments (5)
  1. Julie the Jarhead says:

    I’ve found that shaking your car/house keys at them makes them back off.

  2. Cynic says:

    As a former denizen of Parkwood Beach I ask,What is there in Downtown Wareham to take over?

    1. Gary says:

      Have u been to Wareham????

  3. emom says:

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE,,,,, WHY FEED THEM IF YOU DO THEY WILL STAY THERE AND BOTHER FOLKS LONGER,,,,,,, stop feeding them and they will leave,,, they are staking out there territory and will nest soon,,, OH BUT THEN….. stay far away and do not go near the female , the nest, the eggs and the babies,, the male will become very violent and charge you,,, I HAVE SEN THIS MANY TIMES, Here on the south shore, in many ponds we have swans and spring gets crazy with mean male swans,,,,,,

    1. Gary says:

      People should not feed the swans or any wild life. If your afraid of them simply dont feed them They are very territorial. They will attack if threaten. Besides more times they are fed more of them will come. They are beautiful to look at leave it at that….

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