Curious How Massport CEO Gets $450k Sick Day Payout

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Tom Kinton (File photo By Douglas McFadd/Getty Images)

Tom Kinton (File photo By Douglas McFadd/Getty Images)

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BOSTON (CBS) – Most people do not end up using all of their sick days allotted at work.  But $450,000 in unused sick days?  WBZ-TV West Boylston viewer Linda submitted her curiosity asking how Massport CEO Thomas Kinton, who will retire in June, will walk out the door with nearly half a million dollars in his pocket.

She writes, “In these difficult financial times, where cuts are being made to important services, why are we still paying exorbitant amounts of money to state employees who retire?  Why are they paid for accumulated unused sick days?

Under pressure, Massport changed their sick days policy in 2007 so that retiring employees wouldn’t be in this position. Kinton, however, is not affected by the policy change because he has been with Massport for 35 years.

Watch the answer to Linda’s curiosity here:

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