By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

ASHLAND (CBS) – A 14-year-old Ashland girl is being called a hero after helping save her brother’s life.

Ariana Polchlopeck was babysitting her 8-year-old brother Calvin when all of the sudden he became violently ill. Ariana knew Calvin was severely allergic to nuts, and recognized the symptoms as an anaphylactic reaction.

She couldn’t get through to her mother on her cell phone, so she called 911.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

Ariana says, “I felt scared that my brother’s throat was going to close up and I wasn’t going to be able to save him fast enough.”

On the 911 call, Ariana reassured her brother, and took instructions from the dispatcher. She stuck the EpiPen into her brother’s leg, and helped him remain calm.

Lt. David Iarussi says she was a pro.

“She handles herself perfectly, she dialed 911 immediately, and took the instructions and put it into action, and saved her brother’s life.”

Ariana says, “If anything ever happened to him on my watch, I don’t know what I could do with myself. I love him to pieces.”

Calvin calls his sister a hero. “She is so awesome. I’m just so glad she called 911. I just love her so much.”

Comments (4)
  1. emom says:

    How wonderfull to hear,, I think if anyone has a child with allergies that require an epi-pen that the entire family be taught how to use one, call for assistance, and also be trained in cpr,, for that matter anyone with a health issue in a home, should always inform anyone that may come to visit, like family and friends, so thye dont freak if something should happen.. It wasnt all that long ago I had to teach my then young child to use an epi-pen and an inhaler on me. the epi=pen was precaution as I had a severe allegey thank fully I never needed it.. However , there where a few times my child ran to get my inhaler, having asthma was scarey.. But showing my child what to do saved me a few times, so greatfull and so glad I had taught my whole family it was a life save a few times. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS A HEALTH ISSUE OF ANY KIND PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH ALL IN THE FAMILY ON HOW TO HANDLE THE PROBLEM, IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THEY WILL BE TRUELY GREATFULL..

  2. Susan says:

    Using expired auto-injectors on an orange is a great way to teach them. It’s an opportunity to open up discussion about anaphylaxis and dispell myths and fears.

  3. Elizabeth Blake says:

    Ariana, I’m SO proud of you!!! -Señorita Blake

  4. Dianne Smith says:

    Wonderful news! It’s good to hear she handles herself perfectly, and took instructions from dispatcher to saved her younger brother. Teaching our young children how to handle emergency situations will increase the safety and security of each family member. My family has a safety solution that has a direct access to 911. It’s a mobile security application that has a panic button, and by just pressing the button, an emergency alert notifies friends, family, and a group of trusted people who can help during emergency. For safety protection, you should check out

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