HUDSON (CBS) – It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and not a moment too soon for many local florists.

This is typically the busiest time of year for flower shops, many of which have seen business wilt in recent weeks during a barrage of snow storms.

From the factory in Hudson to the shop in Sudbury, Frugal Flower is banking on a busy Valentine’s Day weekend.

“Its’ a lot of fun but at the same time, (it’s) a very stressful holiday. There’s a lot riding on it,” said Craig Wambolt, the owner of Frugal Flower.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

Wambolt has been in business for 23 years, but this year’s weekly snow storms have been tough on business.

“We were forced to close a lot of days in the month of January simply because we can’t get trucks out. So, this is a big deal,” said Wambolt.

They are working around the clock tying up every lose end. He’s also keeping his prices down and offering new ideas for customers where they can create their own one-of-kind vase.

His biggest challenge is figuring out how much to order.

“You can buy 30, 40, $50,000 worth of roses, and if they don’t sell because you’ve got snow and you’re unable to deliver them, then that’s just a straight loss,” said Wambolt.

Frugal Flower does not plan to have any weather problems this week but they have ordered an additional 18 all-wheel drive vehicles for the 1,000-plus orders they’ll have on Valentines Day.

Some florists do roughly 40 percent of their annual business around Valentine’s Day.


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