By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

RANDOLPH (CBS) — “They were taking the front end loader and pushing it as far back as they could; you can see the snapped trees,” said Randolph Selectman Jim Burgess.

Snapped trees and piles of snow fall into protected wetlands. Some is tainted with hydraulic oil. There are massive mounds of snow from South Boston.

So how did it all end up behind a bakery on Main Street in Randolph?

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports.

Town officials say more than 75 truckloads of snow from Southie were dumped behind the All Can Eat Bakery. They say Andre Summers, one of the bakery owners who is a tenant, gave a South Boston property manager permission to haul it there.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran tried to speak with Summers, he had no comment.

Burgess said, “Our main concern was the area it was going into was a protected wetland area, and because the wetland actually feeds into the drinking water supply for three towns: Randolph, Holbrook and Braintree.

snowbanks1 Randolph Officials Upset With Snow Dumping

Truckloads of snow were dumped here in Randolph.

Bales of hay surround the piles to try and prevent contaminants from escaping the melting snow. Town officials say hydraulic fluid spilled from one of the trucks during the illegal operation. They’re holding the Boston property manager, FRC Ventures, the contractors, and the bakery owner responsible.

“Not happy at all,” said Theresa Pierce; those wetlands are in her backyard. She’s worried about contamination and flooding when this thaws. “I think it’s disgusting, they need to get over there and clean it up.”

Burgess added, “I’m disappointed that someone would think they can come to the suburbs and unload contaminated snow in Randolph and our wetlands.”

The owner of the trucking company says they had no idea there were wetlands in the area, and says his crews were doing what they were instructed to do. The South Boston property manager from FRC Ventures who moved the snow didn’t return our calls.

Comments (25)
  1. Christopher Desmond says:

    This is a big blackeye for Mr. Moufarrej, who runs a respectable business in Randolph and he is being held responsible for something one of his co-owners is responsible for doing. They should have realized what they were doing was illegal.

  2. from southie says:

    Take the snow from southie and dump it in the haabar. That’s where in ends up anyway.

  3. emom says:

    Sure why the hell not dump all the snow in the HAABAR,,, yeah thats the ticket and then go fishing and eat a peice of seafood or two and get sick,,, Hey but remember you suggested it ,,, Oh and the chemicals in the snow after it melts will mix with the food chain in the haabar and taint all that is fished from the haabar,,,, yeah sounds like a great plan ,,, Guess ya’ll forgot what haapend in the south,,, yeah ya’ll will love the gumbo down there,,,,, hhhmmmmm taste like OIL…..good luck, Think I will stick to chicken,,,,,

    1. mark says:

      were do you think it ends up anyway?

      1. JBos says:

        Well Einstein,, if it’s put where it can drain into the MWRA’s waste water system, it’ll go to the Deer Island Treatment plant and have almost all the contaminants removed. Remember how we just spent $3.8Billion a decade ago for that?

        Sorry if the property owner was unaware and is getting hit by this too, but I hope the ‘tenant’ and the contractor pay through the nose. Hope the Feds get after them too.

  4. tom says:

    As you see the seagulls are putting there droppings in the same water we drink from..hmmm. when will they really care?

    1. emom says:

      totally agree, last I knew all waste water ends up in the water treatment plants in the states,,, all contaminates are then seprated by multiple screens and disinfection process, IF NOT THEN ALL WOULD BE DRINKING TONS OF FLOATING CHEMICALS, AND HAVE MAJOR HEALTH ISSEUS.. since when do we drink salt in our water, or have an oily film in our water, or have a turd pop out of the faucets,, WE DONT CAUSE THE TREATMENT PLANTS SEPRATE ALL THIS AND MORE. After all would you really want to drink a glass of ECOLI, DISSENTARY, SPARIDIA,,, OR THE MANY OTHER DISEASES THAT CONTAMINTATE THE TOILET WATER,,, OH WAIT<< I KNOW<, bandaid that fell in your glass was your neighbors,, SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE NO CLUE,,,,

      1. straightpoop says:

        Yeah, storm drains lead to storm drain outfalls which empty into rivers, streams or the ocean. Ideally there are separate pipes for wastewater otherwise you’re treating tons of pretty clean rainwater. Places that have combined systems(one pipe for rain/poop) are always looking to separate to save money on treatment and to avoid overloading the system during a serious rain event. Guess where the water/poop goes then. Nothing fancy is happening with the stormwater or melted snow that enters the system and ends up in the ocean.

  5. T. Svenson says:

    I don’t think that anybody was trying to do anything illegal, but there was not a plan in place to handle this much snow at once. The state just dumps all the snow they want at the end of rte. 3 in Burlington, A plan needs to be implemented to cope with this in the future and designated places need to be found to handle excessive snow amounts. People need to know sometimes snow has to be removed for safety reasons and keep city parking open. Sidewalks need to be cleared so pedestrians can get to work or to the cities hospitals. The governor should have declared a snow emergency and opened state lands for snow dumps. Never mine the extra snow from roof shoveling.

  6. T. Svenson says:

    There is no plan in place to put all the snow when snow this heavy happens. I don’t think anybody was trying to do anything illegal but they had no place to put it. The snow has to be removed sometimes for satery reasons, So pedestrians have a place to walk and so cars can see when pulling onto streets. The state needs to put a plan in place to adress this when it happens in the future.

  7. Rob says:

    It should just be dumped into the harbor as is done in NY. It all ends up there anyway, but without contaminating everything else in its path.

    1. JBos says:

      They don’t dump it in the harbor NYC you troll. They melt it and put it through primary waste treatment – the same as we should.

  8. Russell Edwards says:

    the people that put the snow there should be made to pay to have it cleand up .

  9. Mary Ann Doyle says:

    Is the road salt in the dumped snow harmful to the wetlands and consequently the neighboring wells or is the concern only the hydraulic fuel and oil?

    1. Mary Ann Doyle says:

      Any answer to my question yet?

  10. s peaz says:

    It did snow in Randolph right? There was snow there before this snow and noone cared. Give me a break. People just love to complain. People just want to get on tv (it is an election year). By the way who lives in Randolph?

    1. JBos says:

      Brilliant logic. Hey, everyone in your house goes to the bathroom, right? So if your neighbor went and took a dump on your driveway, you’d have no reason to complain I guess.

      1. s peaz says:

        I wouldn’t care if they came over and used my bathroom moron. Trying using logic…very lame comparison. I suppose you live in this town…..just what i thought

      2. Lanny says:

        Or if your neighbor came and dumped some potential hazardous material next to your DRINKING WATER SUPPLY…which is pretty much what happened in this case. And, yeah, it IS my drinking-water supply, so forgive me if I’m a little sensitive about it.

  11. Cynic says:

    Let’s just pass a LAW….Declare Snow a Controled substance…..Then we can nail God or Nature or whoever it is that is importing it to Massachusetts.

  12. cynic says:

    Officials need to get UPSET about SOMETHING. Thats why they are OFFICIALS.

  13. Big man says:

    Does anybody know where there is a legal snow dump in Massachusetts ? And does anybody know what laws were broken ? Everybody says “Not in my backyard” But nobody knows where !!! A plan is needed now, so this does not happen in the future. Snow has been dumped like this for more than 50 years !!!
    The news stations thrive on any story they can make controversy from but, nobody has any solutions !!! Why dont polititians come up with solutions rather than rant to get re-elected !!!

  14. mark says:

    JBOS storm drains send water into Boston harbor it is only the sewer water that get treated…Einstein!!!

    1. straightpoop says:

      Nope, our drinking water is treated wastewater mixed with desalinated ocean water. Those pipes from the Quabbin empty directly into the harbor. Wish there was a better way.

  15. emom says:

    I cant wait till someone eats something out of our harbor and truely has some intestinal parrisite and then wonders HOW DID I GET THAT,,, If there was no issue with our water which people think is so safe then why is there always a BOIL WATER ORDER WHEN A WATER PIPE IN THE STREET RUPRTURES,, truely there must me some FACTS behind them saying to BOIL THE WATER till its fixed,,, I mean after all it not a suggestion , its a recomidation .. cause of what gets into the water supply and passed the filters,, AKA STREET WATER,,, hhmmm lets see, gas, oil, animal feces, bird droppings, chemicals, rock salt, Ice melt, material from leaking batteries, DIAPERS, other personal hygene products. So if the filter system should fail I truely know they will tell use to BOIIL OUR WATER,, oh wait it has already happened this summer,, about a DOZEN times..As for the harbor, really you would truely eat the garbage that comes out of there,,, I wouldnt and have not, all my seafood is shipped from the cold north ,, where its cleaner.,. nothing from the garbage ports,,,, thats like taking seafood from the gulf after the oil leak,, really ,,,,,, how sick

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