SPRINGFIELD (CBS) – A Springfield mother pled guilty to felony animal cruelty charges today that she neglected her dogs and puppies to the point of starvation.  Her son will stand trial in late May on similar charges.

Buddy Springfield mistreated dog

Buddy is healthy and ready for adoption. (Credit: MSPCA)

The 11 Pit Bulls, eight puppies and three grown dogs, were all described as emaciated.  One adult dog was humanely euthanized because it was in such poor health condition.

The mother, Belinda Eaddy pled guilty in Springfield District Court to three felony charges.  Her son, Ishmael Wilson is expected to face 11 felony counts of animal cruelty at trial.

The MSPCA Law Enforcement department charged the two in August 2010.  The MSPCA’s investigation uncovered severe neglect, called one of the “most severe acts of neglect” one law enforcement officer had ever seen.

The dogs and puppies were all sent to a rehabilitation care center, weighing between 20-30% of their normal bodyweight in the early stages of care.

Forest Springfield Malnourished Dog

Forest is healthy and looking for a nice home. (Credit: MSPCA)

Now healthy, most of the puppies and adult Pit Bulls have been adopted.  Two adult dogs are still waiting for their future adoptive parents.

The dogs, Buddy and Forest, have remained in foster care through the Thomas J. O’Connor Center.

Potential adopters are urged to contact the center at (413) 781-1484.

Comments (5)
  1. Tracey says:

    I wish there were harsher penalties to animal neglect and cruelty.

  2. emom says:

    I want to take this mother and son put them in a cage and mock them, starve them ridicule them, abuse them and do to them what they did the the dogs… they should be thrown in jail for life,,,no wait in a jail cell with starving animals and then see what happens ,,,, freaks dont deserve to live themselfs,,,,,

  3. Karen says:

    I can’t believe people can be so cruel. Don’t own a pet if you can’t or won’t take care of it.
    And I agree with Tracey, there should be harsher penalties. This happens way too much.

  4. Terri says:

    I agree, we need harsher penalties for animal cruelty. I’ve always felt that they way you treat an innocent animal is reflective of you as a human being, and reflective as to how you should be treated.

  5. eustus says:

    What is wrong with these “Pit Bull Lovers”? Every rescue in the nation is filled with “pit bull lover’s” dogs. But some how the “lovers” blame the rescue for having to euthanized so many of these pit bulls every year.

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