By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BEVERLY (CBS) — A 12-foot mound of snow is stopping one family in Beverly from visiting a loved one.

“I want to see this pile move,” says Bridget Simard, whose son is buried under the 12-foot pile. “This here just took my breath away.”

The city of Beverly owns the North Beverly Cemetery, where plows have pushed snow from the cemetery roads up onto Jon Simard’s grave.

He was killed when he fell off a roof nearly ten years ago.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

“This is the last place where we got to say goodbye to him,” explains family friend Laura Reid. “That’s something he would have wanted, you know, ‘Come visit me. Come see me. Don’t leave me alone out here.’ And knowing that he’d be under 10 to 12 feet of snow, it’s just not fair.”

The Simards say their repeated attempts to reach the cemetery manager have failed. Now, they are trying to organize a group of relatives, friends, and volunteers to help them shovel.

“I just want to make it so the stone is showing,” says Bridget Simard. “It’s just overwhelming,” adds Jon’s sister, Tiffany.

Their goal is to get it done by Valentine’s Day, so the family can decorate the grave, as they do every year

Comments (20)
  1. John Smith says:

    I wish to offer help, I own some heavy equipment…John Smith{ Green Acres} Chelmsford Ma. 978-580-0170

  2. Barbara Goodwin says:

    Just wondering … are the plots in this cemetary considered DEEDED PROPERTY.
    In our town of Templeton, it is considered private property with perpetual care paid for by the interest from the money generated by the original purchase of the plot. (Or that is how it is supposed to be working) Is it illegal to dump SNOW on Private Property without owner permission (Family I suspect)?


  3. Barbara Goodwin says:

    Someone should check and see if the volunteers can be paid by the
    Cementary Commission in that community.

  4. Laura says:

    Hello. Thank you for your kind comments. I will pass them all on to his mother. :)

  5. emom says:

    Why would a cementary cover a grave stone in that matter,, How would they feel if it was one of there family memebers..I say bring those that did this back there and make them clear that mess up,…such idiots…take away their rights to plow ..

  6. Jean Murphy says:

    Every cementary has lots and lots of snow right now. I do not believe that this warrented any headlines. Most people have friends,family in a cementary. I myself have a son,daughter in law, mother, grandparents and aunts, uncles in a cementary. A person can still go to the cementary and say their prayers. The body is buried not the spirt. Prayers can be said anywhere. Cementaries do their best, at least you can drive in and go to the spot where you want to be.

  7. Nicole says:

    I agree. How is this, in any way, newsworthy?! It is snow. It comes out of the sky. We live in New England. We are lucky that the roads are clear.

  8. Janet MacDonald says:

    This is very newsworthy. I lost my son 20 months ago to complications of pneumonia and would be devastated if the cemetery where he is buried had so little regard for his grave site. Plus, that land is purchased by the family and, as another person wrote, you cannot dump snow on someone else’s land without their permission. I would love to volunteer to help clear this snow….when will the shoveling begin?

  9. Rob says:

    I’m sorry for this lady’s loss but have little sympathy for this situation and her way of approaching it. It’s winter. We’ve had near record snows. Her comment akin to no mother should have to deal with this strikes me as what’s wrong with the me generation. Our municipal workers have done a tremendous job with this snowfall and it has to go somewhere. Our taxes are high enough. Does this lady want us to truck away the snow to western MA? Come on…put the decorations on the snow pile as close to the stone as possible. To make such a big deal of this and calling the media is self-centered and unreasonable. Stop the attention seeking. The town should not remove the snow.

    1. Barbara Goodwin says:

      Does the cemetary have open land for future graves? Most cemetaries have several acres open for future graves. This is, after all, probably private land that was used for dumping.

    2. Barbara says:

      They trucked it to 100 feet away, where it should have been put in the first place.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, My boss (Eric Danilchuk) asked me to contact you to see if you are still looking for help. He would be happy to come up there on Sat with his Bobcat to help remove the snow as long as the cemetery will allow the machinery there. He may be reached at Danilchuk Auto Body 617-569-8869.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Actually Sir, We were contacted by the media due to the fact that we have been going through this situation for years. We never said anything about the city and municipal workers not doing a great job this year. We are aware of the record snow fall. However, we are also aware of the record pile of snow on top of my brother. To some people paying respects and keeping traditions every year is very important. By doing this we are keeping his memory alive and remembering him. It is also for next generations in our family to know the person that we knew. Legacy is VERY important to us. We would like to put the decorations close to the stone. However, if you were paying attention to the report you would have heard that we can not find it. I understand you have your own opinion but resorting to name calling is very immature.

    1. shy says:

      very well said Tiffany!

  12. laura says:

    I am backing tiffany to the end, The “city has to put it some where” is childish, heartless and rude. You have a family member we could dump it on? Cause that’s what they did. There is NO WAY TO GET TO THE STONE. Watch the report… see the pile? He’s under it. Leave us the cemetary your closest family member is at. I will see if one of the wonderful, kind people above that offered services will dump it on your family member. See if you call the news then. Watch your words and tone. The family is reading this. Don’t be so insensitive.

  13. Barbara Goodwin says:

    Back to my suggestion of planned open space for future burials is “THE PLACE” for rational , thinking people to attemp to use.

  14. Joseph says:

    I am astonished at the insensitivity of people commenting here.

    “There is just no where to put it.” How about 100 feet away, behind the garage, where you put it yesterday??How about 300 feet down the road on the other side, where there are no graves? How about at Lynch Park, where the city trucks the rest of the snow to?

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