By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Is it okay to use some rock salt on the edge of the roof to deal with ice dams? – David,  E. Bridgewater

Better not to.  We talked to Tom Silva from “This Old House” about what people should and should not be doing about ice dams and he says rock salt will stain your shingles.  Instead, he suggests using potassium chloride ice melter.

Go here to find out what else he advises.

And here’s more information for you about snowy roofs.

Are you having roof problems?

Comments (3)
  1. Dennis says:

    He also suggested calcium chloride, and the guy at the hardware store said it works much better than the potassium.
    He also said there’s been a run on it ever since the Tom Silva segment aired, so you better hurry up if you’re going to get some!

  2. ek1480 says:

    Instead of all the AFTER THE FACT so;utions, (unavailable roof rakes, calcium pucks) and hit or miss rock salt……tell us solutions to prevents all the roof dams. leaks, we can take this year to PREVENT the same things from happening NEXT WINTER

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