WILMINGTON (CBS) – For the second time this winter, Wilmington received the most snowfall during one storm in Massachusetts.

In the Feb. 1 storm, the first of two to hit the Bay State in consecutive days, Wilmington received 9.0 inches of snow, which was tied for the highest total in the state.

WBZ Producer Jon MacLean chats with Wilmington DPW Supervisor Don Onesite.

“We had a little bit more snow than they were predicting. We had about nine inches here, and things went pretty well,” said Onesite.

Onesite added that his crews are tired.

“It’s been a long six weeks,” said Onesite. “Since the day after Christmas, we’ve had over six feet of snow here.”

Back on Jan. 12, Wilmington had 24 inches of snow, which was the highest total in the state during that storm.

“We’re ready for some melting anyway. That would be nice. We’ll take the vacation at the end of winter,” said Onesite.

While city DPW crews look forward to the melting, Onesite said officials are concerned about possible flooding.

“We’d really hope to have a slow, steady melt with no heavy rain. If we get any kind of quick melting with rain thrown on top, I’m sure we’re going to have some flooding problems, but we’ll worry about that when it happens, if it happens,” said Onesite.

Before this week’s storms, Wilmington was among the rare Massachusetts towns that had not used up their entire snow clearing budget. They had spent about $440,000, or $100,000 under budget.

Wednesday marked the fifth snow day for Wilmington Public School students.


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