BOSTON (CBS) — City officials in Boston are defending their policy of ticketing cars parked too far from the curb.

People who had parked in Brighton Tuesday night were upset after getting $35 tickets. They said they couldn’t see the curb and had to park somewhere.

The city said Wednesday streets need ten feet of clearance and technically any cars in the way could get a $100 ticket for blocking the path of emergency vehicles.

“It’s all about making sure that that fire truck, ambulance, or police car can get by. And when they can’t and we find that, we have to take action,” said Tom Tinlin, the Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department. “To not enforce something like that, and then have something bad happen, this story would be much bigger and much different.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the city had said it had issued 11 tickets for people parking too far from the curb.

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  1. Cynic says:

    Why not clear the enormous lot on Frontage Road where cars are held for ransom and allow Cars registered in Boston to Park there. Shuttle could be used between there and Broadway station. It would cost the City a few bucks but isn’t that what Excise Taxes for? People could leave thier cars there until this mess is over and use Public Transportation. This might even go a long way toward making People believe that the City is REALLY concerned with Emergency Vehicles and not just using the position that people are in to rip them off with Tickets.The same could be done at various City properties that have space around the city.

  2. auston says:

    How about when they issue a snow emergency. they actually plow the streets clear that we are not aloud to park on. I am so tired of having a friend or someone i know get towed away because they parked on a block they shouldn’t have during a snow emergency. Just to see the next day that no where in the city did they actually plow out the road and spaces up and down any block you couldn’t park on.
    It is a racket.

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