BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ weather team tracks the highest snowfall totals with the help of the Skywarn Weather Spotter Network:

Here are the latest results as of 7:45 p.m.:

Chicopee: 10.3″
West Springfield: 9.5″
Belchertown: 9.0″
Goshen: 9.0″
North Worcester: 9.0″
West Fitchburg: 9.0″
Sterling: 8.5″
Ware: 8.5″
West Boylston: 8.5″
West Roxbury: 8.3″
Boxborough: 8.0″
Georgetown: 8.0″
Lawrence: 8.0″
Milford: 8.0″
Hull: 8.0″
Springfield: 8.0″
Sudbury: 8.0″
Wilmington: 8.0″
Lowell: 7.3″
Burlington: 7.0″
East Longmeadow: 7.0″
Holden: 7.0″
Hubbarston: 7.0″
Northampton: 7.0″
Westfield: 7.0″
Hubbardston: 6.8″
Blandford: 6.5″
West Peabody: 6.5″
Roslindale: 6.4″
Walpole: 6.4″
Shrewsbury: 6.3″
Natick: 6.0″
Merrimac: 6.0″
Middleton: 6.0″
Bedford: 5.9″
Newton: 5.8″
Andover: 5.5″
Stoneham: 5.5″
Brockton: 5.5″
Blackstone: 5.0″
Hanson: 5.0″
Plymouth: 5.0″
Fall River: 4.6″
West Bridgewater: 4.5″
Marshfield: 4.5″
Acushnet: 3.5″
Middleboro: 3.5″
Pembroke: 3.5″
Rochester: 3.5″
Truro: 3.0″
New Bedford: 3.0″
Fairhaven: 2.0″

Comments (21)
  1. Susan Pocher Morrissey says:

    Milford, MA has the 6.5″ beat.

  2. Brittany says:

    I agree!!! How about a traffic report for route 2! No roads past the metro west are ever reported on, we get traffic and weather too ya know!

    1. rcas says:

      What’s route 2??

  3. Joe Donovan says:

    Well, if the population is small, you’re probably right.

  4. bg says:

    Groton has 6 inches at Lost Lake 12:30 pm

  5. Nikki says:

    We have a difficult time getting totals for the North Shore as well.

  6. Jon says:

    Not sure how accurate these numbers are. Worcester 5.5, Westboro 6 but shrewsbury which is in between worcester and wetboro has 3.3? YOUR SUSPECT

  7. Michael Neshe says:

    I don’t mean to rub it in, but this is why I moved to Palm Beach, Florida.

  8. Leo Collard says:

    Upton, MA 6 INCHES so far!

  9. jaygee says:

    Who cares who wins the depth of snow contest. I have concluded that all of those who continually say they love all of this snow either don’t have to work for a living or are confined to a mental institution.

    1. john says:

      no were just hardy newenglanders who embrace the bueaty of the season i have concluded you are a WUSS

      1. jaygee says:

        Johnny boy, the word is “hearty” and the other word is “beauty”
        and, no, I’m far from being a “WUSS” but simply realistic.

  10. kasser says:

    Boston or it’s suburbs. Hmmm – Wethersfield CT and Springfield MA are on the list. Hardly Boston or it’s suburbs

  11. weathernuttmom says:

    North Grafton, just south of the pike. 6.2″ with sleet mixing now….

  12. Danielle Cook says:

    @Mike Hubbarston, MA, which is rignt next to Gardner and Templeton, is on the list with 6.8″.

  13. Lucy says:

    What are people talking about? I hear reports on Rte 2 and on Gardner on occasion. The majority of people are closer to Boston. It’s improved over the years actually.

  14. emom says:

    Hey at this point does it realy matter how much snow we have ,,,,, THERE IS WAY TO MUCH OF THIS STUFF, just finished shoveling and well it was like 4 – 6 inches of powder…. oh and the front yard has over 4 feet of snow,.,.. that will take some time to melt may see mud by june,,,, nothing but wees will grow, great,,, thats all I need those darn dandilions…….

  15. Fenway Gus says:

    Ah, Boston’s crazy weather … here’s a pretty neat site that chronicles (and eventually grades) the various forecasts put out by the different weather people in town. Aims to keep them honest.

  16. Wendy Rheault Ormord says:

    8.5 on my back deck at 8 pm….Billerica

  17. DAVE says:

    8 inches in franklin, ma plus a glazing of ice!!

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