BOSTON (CBS) – The following communities have announced snow emergency parking bans for the February 1-2 snow storm:

Amesbury: Tuesday noon to Wednesday noon

Arlington: Tuesday 10 a.m.

Belmont: Wednesday 4 p.m. to Thursday 12 a.m.

Boston: Tuesday 9 a.m.

Cambridge: Tuesday 8 p.m.

Chelsea: Tuesday 9 a.m.

Dedham: Tuesday 10 a.m. to Thursday 8 a.m.

Everett: Tuesday 7 a.m. to Thursday 9 p.m.

Gloucester: Tuesday noon

Lynn: Tuesday 5 p.m.

Malden: Tuesday 1 p.m.

Mansfield: Tuesday 9 a.m.

Newton: Tuesday noon

Salem: Tuesday 10 a.m.

Saugus: Monday 8 p.m. to Thursday 12 a.m.

Seekonk:  Tuesday 7 a.m.

Somerville: Monday 10 p.m.

Waltham: Tuesday noon

Comments (15)
  1. Wizard says:

    I just love snow.
    It’s so pretty and white…

  2. Zampano says:

    Waltham starts at 12noon Tuesday.

  3. jennycip says:

    what time starting the snow in lawrence

  4. jaygee says:

    Yes….snow is “so pretty and white” but only when it falls from above.
    It doesn’t look so pretty on the 2nd and 3rd day when it turns black & icy.

  5. Julie Kelleher says:

    Why is it that Malden waits until the last minute to declare a snow emergency? (Written Tuesday at 8 a.m.) I want to get my car into the CBD garage!

  6. Blueyesred says:

    Malden is so poorly run. I think they wait until enough people have called complaining. I am sick of moving my car at 8pm or later.

  7. gsmon says:

    Come live in Melrose…it’s better :)

    1. Blueyesred says:

      Have actually been considering Melrose once the snow is gone.

      1. gsmon says:

        Melrose definitely does a better job of removing the snow. Plus, it’s a quieter too, if you prefer that.

  8. Blueyesred says:

    I do prefer the quiet. Moved to Malden 7 months ago and the noise is unbelievable. Of the many towns I have lived in around the country, this is way down my list of favorites.

    1. gsmon says:

      Which part of Malden do you live in? There are some nice places but they are expensive.

      1. Blueyesred says:

        Right on Main Street. I like the apartment, but the location is hell for parking and noise.

    2. gsmon says:

      Main street in Malden is brutal :) I live on Main st in Melrose, which is surprisingly nice and quiet.

      1. Blueyesred says:

        I love Main Street in Melrose, such a great place to walk and go out to eat. So close and yet a different world entirely.

  9. medave says:

    I love Melrose allways did but Im stuck here in Malden with all the High Crime

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