BOSTON (CBS) – After a bike rider was killed in an accident with a car, calls for a city wide 20 mile per hour speed limits were raised. NightSide’s Dan Rea disagrees with that. Originally broadcast 1/30/11.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Dan, I listen most nights and call in when you have topics on health care, guns, and bicycles because those are my big issues. I know that you do not like emails, but since this was broadcast on a weekend/web I need to leave you a comment.

    Roadways (not highways) are public access routes paid for in taxes (not excise taxes, registration fees, or insurance premiums) and available to all users (cars, bicycles, rollerbladers, runner, etc.) with slightly different rules for each (I know, life’s not fair, I have to stop for pedestrians too though).

    When weather makes viability or road surface dangerous for users, the state is mandated to maintain safe access for its users. In the case of snow, this includes plowing, sanding/salting the surface. Given financial and material resources this mandate does not mean that the road is accessible equally for all intended users and we are therefore forced to SHARE less of the road.

    I admit that when it is scheduled to snow more than 2 inches, I take a bus. But I do so for my own safety, because I cannot control my bicycle effectively in those conditions, not because I feel that I should get off the road. The same should be said for all users, cars included. If one does not think that they can drive slowly enough or steer around another road user safely , then they must park their car and take the T. Interestingly enough as you can see in the above picture, the road surface was clear and I do not think that the seasoned bike rider would have had difficulty riding safely.

    I go back to my previous argument previously shared on your show; it is a people problem, not a car vs bicycle problem. People on bicycles ride like jerks, run lights, cut through traffic. People in cars run red lights, speed, and block intersections. People walking cross when there is a green light for cars, outside a labeled cross walk.

    While I do appreciate everyone’s concern for my own safety, those persons need to take a line from other independents about government. Stay out of my bed room, stay out of my gun safe; stay off of my bike saddle.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to listening to your show

  2. Ethan Fleming says:

    I would like to add to this that the current law in MA states that whatever the speed limit is for cars on the road is the speed limit that bicycles must follow as well. Why make all bikes obey a speed limit of 20mph everywhere when the law we currently have works fine?

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