Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Joseph Salvati spent 30 years behind bars. Two BU Law School graduates, Victor Garo (’65) and Dan Rea (’74), teamed up and worked for years on the case trying to prove Mr. Salvati’s innocence and secure his release.

“I thought it was an interesting conjunction of my training as a lawyer and my practice as a journalist which came together,” said Rea, who covered the story on WBZ TV but also helped to discover new evidence.

Garo, who took on the case pro bono, estimates he’s invested well over 30,000 hours of his free time. “I’ve never charged a penny for it because it was something that I believed in,” he said.

– video by Hawkes Media Group
– news clips courtesy of WBZTV
– music by Kevin Macleod
– photos and production by Casey Atkins


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