LYNN (CBS) – Two people pulled from their vehicle after a roof collapse at a parking garage in Lynn are thankful they’re alive to tell their story.

“We’re real lucky to be here today and be alive,” said Peter Sullivan, one of the victims. “There (were) times we didn’t know, either one of us, if we were going to make it or not.”

In the emergency department at Mass. General Hospital but out of harm’s way, Peter Sullivan and Cesar Jimenez are both doing well despite a dangerous roof collapse.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

Early in the morning, Sullivan picked up Jimenez for work. After they arrived at the Lynn Senior Services Garage, they were still in Sullivan’s ‘97 Honda Civic when they heard a loud noise.

“We were sitting in the car having our coffee and wondering whether we were gonna work today or not and we heard a couple of loud bangs,” said Sullivan.

Then, the ceiling came down on them.

“We almost got crushed. The roof of the car got almost this far from us and we just found a little way to breathe,” said Jimenez.

For three hours, the two were trapped inside the car, not knowing if they were going to make it.

“You just don’t know when you get up in the morning if today’s your last day or not,” said Sullivan.

Both men made emotional calls home.

“I called my wife and I told her to call my kids, not to panic,” said Jimenez.

“It was my wife. It was the first person I called. I told her I was in some trouble and didn’t know if I was going to make it, and she comforted me and she sent out the prayer line and called my kids, and they were all praying for me,” said Sullivan.

Fortunately, they were also able to call their dispatch center, which helped rescuers find them in the debris.

Sullivan is just happy to be alive.

“I don’t know what the building looks like, and I definitely don’t know what my car looks like, but I don’t think I can drive that, I can tell you that,” said Sullivan.

The men said they helped keep each other calm and said a lot of prayers during the ordeal.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Well, Looks like God heard your prayers. Thank you God for giving these men another chance at life.

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