By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – The forecast models seem to be coming into a bit more of an agreement on a nor’easter event for all of southern New England Wednesday night into Thursday.

While some details still need to be worked out and the exact track is still somewhat of an unknown, it appears we will be in for yet another significant blow from Mother Nature this winter.


Start time would be Wednesday afternoon and it would be an all snow event for most of the interior, north and west of Boston.

There will likely be some mixing with rain in southeastern Massachusetts and along the immediate coastline, perhaps as far north as Boston.

The peak of the storm will be Wednesday night into Thursday morning, something like 10 p.m.-to-10 a.m.

Overnight, the rain-snow line will likely collapse back southward switching everyone who was getting rain over to snow.


The heaviest accumulation looks to be from Boston north and west (into Middlesex and Worcester Counties as well as southern New Hampshire). In these locations we could easily see a foot of snow, perhaps several inches more than that.

Snow accumulation will happen later over southeastern Mass. and Cape Cod, but several inches are possible down there as well on Thursday morning.

Strong northeast winds will also be a factor, especially along the coast and on the Cape and we will have to keep a close eye on the high tide at 5 a.m. Thursday for minor to moderate coastal flooding. Thankfully the tides are not too astronomically high.

There is still plenty of time for wobbles in the track, but, as of right now, it appears we are in for another big one.

Comments (48)
  1. sam hates snow says:

    How is the American models are never reliable, I keep hearin this over and over, so why use it?
    Oh, yes, this winter sucks and Boston weather even sucks more.

  2. Ed Dracut says:

    Isn’t a near miss a hit? I

  3. EWS100% says:

    Yes, Ed Dracut, a “near miss” is a hit and a “nesr hit” is a miss.

    The media loves to encourage poor grammar, syntax and spelling.

    1. mike says:

      see george carlin

  4. EWS100% says:

    One other key point….

    I know of nobody that leaves their pets outdoors in weather even as remotely cold as we have now!!

    The mere mention of it to the listeners is beyong insulting.

    1. Barbara says:

      I do know of individuals who do not consider the welfare of their animals in extreme temperature situations.
      Unfortunately bringing their attention to it would be futile.

    2. Larry says:

      Siberian huskies!!!! I HAVE TO DRAG MINE IN!!!! Nice to have the fur coat..Now little dogs barking,that’s cruel!!!

    3. mike says:

      some dogs are bred to live in conditions like this

    4. Gladys C. Tibbits says:

      My cat is obsessed with the cold and snow…we have to bring him outside daily to play in it. Apparently Russian Blue/Maine Coons are “bred” for these temperatures!

    5. kaos says:

      Excuse me. I work for a vet and there a plenty of losers who leave their pets out in this type of weather so yes it does need to be mentioned.

    6. Joan Mulloney Stone says:

      You are a very fortunate person. There are domestic pets (cats and dogs) who are left outside 24×7. Some have no shelter from the elements. Some are chained and cannot move very far,. Some are not given clean water or food. For more information about this see the website

    7. leslie says:

      I have 3 cats and a dog. one of the cats and the dog love being out in the snow.only long enough to jump,and roll around then back in.

  5. David Bisbal says:

    I really hope we don’t have school on Thursday and Friday. WOOT WOOT

    1. donna says:

      Hope you like going to school until the 4th of July!

      1. steve says:

        That shouldn’t be a problem, it is just that the teachers want three months off in the summer.

      2. Bahstan11 says:

        Or simply one extra day or no patriots day off. But yes July 4th!

      3. LadyP says:

        Steve…I challenge you to find a teacher who does not work at least one extra job in order to pay the bills, especially in the summer. It is unfortunate that people still have this opinion of teachers. We may not spend our summer in the classroom but trust me, we are working just as hard as others.

    2. Peter says:

      I hope everything gets cancelled both days – work included

  6. Nick says:

    Yes, EWS! The one that makes me cringe most is “at this hour.” No one in the media ever says “now.”

    1. Italo says:

      My favorite is “in [or during] the overnight” — gawwwwwd, just say “overnight,” wil you?! ;)

  7. David White says:

    Don’t you think the American models “outvote” the international ones?

  8. Donna says:

    What will WEdnesday bring? Well you certainly don’t have a clue.

  9. Mike Kozlowski says:

    Looks like you should just average the two models out, id give a little more average percentile towards the international models because they have been more creditable over the long haul, look for schools to be closed thursday and a widespread 6+ west and north of 495 corridor, there is however a slight chance of a low pressure stall out with the very low pressure heading our way wednesday, mb are shown to be at 976 and under! Maine could get 3 feet

  10. Mike Kozlowski says:

    Btw mb pressure in Worcester on Friday was at 1000 mb and we got 8 inches! So a possible foot in many locations

  11. Ellen says:

    Let me see. More snow! All I can say is Think Spring.

  12. elizabeth crawford says:

    Is there a visual available on the storm track? Trying to see predicted amounts for Salem, MA.

  13. Ramsay MacInnes says:

    I’ll take a foot of Snow over an inch of Ice ANY day…

  14. jack says:

    I hope you people aren’t using your real names!!

  15. DonBoy says:

    No, a near miss is a kind of miss. What kind of miss was it? A near one. No actual English-speaking person has ever been the least confused by this.

  16. jackie says:

    so school or no school?

  17. BH says:

    Kind of Sad that Terry Eliason is posting the WBZ position on snow, after no blog posting since 5:27 am. Feels like the reins are too tight on all weather professionals everywhere.

  18. TiaMaria says:

    Here we go again…..another one….can’t take it anymore….

  19. Wizard says:

    OP nowhere says “near miss” so we needn’t discuss that further.

    I still have several gallons of fuel left for my Super Monster Snowthrower, so I say: Bring It On!!!

  20. parcells says:


  21. Worc. says:

    To the dumb ppl. 4wd means DRIVE not stop or turn, so take it easy. The person you hit may a family member.

  22. Buck says:

    Really, Steve? It’s ignorant people like you who try to give teachers a bad name. FYI, teachers I work with, myself included, don’t want any more snow days because the kids are a lot more focused now on their learning than they will be in June when it’s 90 degrees in the classroom and they are thinking about going to summer camp the next week. Yes, imagine that, we actually care about teaching the kids and want to get in there and do our jobs!

    Thank you, LadyP, for having a clue. Most of us do work all summer to pay the bills or try to take maybe one vacation… at least someone gets it.

  23. Sue Bee says:

    Not a teacher, but if I were, I would need 3 months off to recover! Seriously, even just looking at the primary teaching job, there is so much work outisde the classroom.

  24. dedubew says:

    CPC” seems to forecast below normal precipt. for us over the next two weeks, though continued cold. Does this mean that Wednesday’s storm may be the last major one for a while with subsequent events being more Alberta Clipper types?

  25. David White says:

    cpc shows a liight at the end of the heavy precipt. tunnel, by forecasting below normal precipt.for us for the next two weeks . Yay!

  26. dedubew says:

    Hi Terry: I notice the timings for bloggings appear to be early morning and then again not until around nine or ten in the evening. Why can’t there be an updated blog after the noon and 6pm broadcasts. By 8 pm the early morning blog can be virtuallly ancient history. The forecasters are doing a great job, so okay if they have to do other stuff after the 6 pm news before they can blog again.

  27. emom says:

    I;ve had it with winter, I do not want to hear or even see a stupid snowflake, no more shoveling, slipping , sliding, freezing or dressing in layers,, enough is enough. I am Calling MOTHER NATURE CAUSE THOSE BOYS NEEDS TOBE PUNISHED ,,,,,, YOU KNOW WHO A MEAN, SURE YOU DO,,,, SNOW MISER AND HEAT MISER,,, THOSE BOYS HAVE CAUSE ENOUGH PROBLEMS,. Oh MOTHER NATURE…..

  28. jayne says:

    It looks like Barry and Terry need to duke it out in the parking lot. I’m rooting for Barry!!!

  29. June Walterhouse says:


  30. العاب says:

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