Toucher & Rich have a computer read your e-mails everyday in the 6am hour. Today people rip on Jay Cutler for not toughing it out in the NFC Championship game, New York Jets fall in the playoffs again and all the Cutler and Chicago talk got Fred going.

  1. Corrigan says:

    Hey guys hey. Simms and Nance have become the town boobs of National broadcasts. Whether it’s Simms saying that the Jets didn’t score the touchdown on 4th and goal but what they did do was set up the ensuing safety. I GUESS THE jETS DIDN’T WANT THE TOUCHDOWN ON 4TH DOWN. And Nance’s bewilderment of why the Jets wouldn’t go for two on the touchdown cutting the lead to 6. Simms needs to stick to cheering on his kids who get big time college Scholarships to play Qb and suck. And Nance needs to stick being a cheerleader for Duke during March Madness every year.

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