BOSTON (CBS) – Sunday Night on Sports Final, Steve Burton sat down with the usual suspects and the topics they discussed were anything but usual.

We will spare you all the talk of the Patriots season coming to an abrupt end, but’s Mike Reiss and Steve DeOssie gave their thoughts on the Green Bay-Pittsburgh Super Bowl in two weeks (although neither made a pick!). Both agree that of the four remaining teams, the Packers and Steelers are the two best.

As for the home town team, they spoke about Tom Brady’s foot surgery this past week. Brady underwent successful surgery on Thursday to repair a stress fracture in his right foot, and it should cause some concern among Patriots fans. Brady will be 34 in August and his mobility was already in question before the procedure. However, this is Tom Brady we are talking about.

Mike Reiss and Steve DeOssie Talk Tom Brady’s Foot Surgery On Sports Final

Reiss and DeOssie also stuck around to talk about the possibility of an NFL lockout next season on Sports Final OT. There are three main sticking points right now. Number one being money. How does the pot get split between the owners and the players? The second is the expansion to an 18-game regular season. Third is the rookie wage scale. Veteran players do not like the fact rookies are getting huge contracts before proving themselves in the league, while some vets have to fight for contracts. Deion Branch said last Monday, “We’re not close, but I’m optimistic it will get done…. I’m optimistic there will be football, I can say that. When, I don’t know.” Reiss and DeOssie both agree with that sentiment.

Mike Reiss and Steve DeOssie Talk The Possibility Of An NFL Lockout On Sports Final OT

It was not all football talk though. We cannot forget about Cedric Maxwell. He covered a number of topics on the Celtics, including Jermaine O’Neal opting not to have surgery on his injured left knee. Max said with O’Neal electing to rehab his injury for the next month or so, it could advance the return of Center Kendrick Perkins. Perk is slated to return to the lineup in early February, after tearing his ACL in the game six of the NBA Finals last season. He has been practicing with the starters the last few weeks and is said to be looking very healthy. Max also had a lot of love going in Doc River’s direction.

Cedric Maxwell Talks Doc Rivers On Sports Final

The Sports Final poll question asked “Who Will Win Super Bowl XLV?” and at the end of the show the Packers led the way with 74-percent of the votes. If you disagree, be sure to submit your vote over on the left hand side of your screen.

Sports Final and Sports Final OT can be seen every Sunday night on WBZ-TV at 11:35 p.m.

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