Keller @ Large: MBTA GM Hopes Service Is Ready On Tuesday

BOSTON (CBS) – Thousands of commuters can’t help but wonder about their ride on the “T” On Tuesday after all of Monday’s issues with the MBTA.

The bitter cold wreaked havoc on the MBTA, forcing many trains to delay and some to cancel.

MBTA General Manager Richard Davey admits there’s no way they can guarantee Tuesday’s commute will be all that much better.

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large.

Hope was cold comfort for thousands of riders on Monday as both the morning and afternoon commutes featured long, frigid delays.

“Obviously this morning was very disappointing…Well we had a number of issues on the Commuter Rail. We had signal issues. We had equipment issues,” said Davey.

For Davey, it was trial by fire and ice.

“This was a once in five- or six-year cold spell, so we’ve learned a lot about our equipment. Six years later it’s all six years older. We can’t rely on it as much as we could have,” said Davey.

Some commuters complained they the website’s alert service was delayed as well.

“We have a dispatch center at Commuter Rail that calls a dispatch center over at the T, and then they’re the ones who put out the T alerts. There’s a middleman who drops the ball. We’re solving that. We’re gonna let Commuter Rail put out the T alerts directly,” said Davey.

Davey says the T will be running empty trains all night long on the Red, Orange, and Blue Lines as well as Commuter Rail, the way they do sometimes when there’s a snowstorm, just to make sure service is ready to go on Tuesday.

But, some of the system’s trains are forty years old or more, so keep your mittens crossed.

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