SWAMPSCOTT (AP) – Swampscott school officials have scheduled another meeting for parents to discuss substance abuse among high school students.

But this time the rules are a little more relaxed.

Some people objected to a pair of meetings held Jan. 10 at which parents were told their attendance was mandatory. They also were not allowed to talk.

Administrators threatened to bar students from sports and other extracurricular activities if their parents did not attend.

Superintendent Lynne Celli and Principal Layne Millington tell The Salem News that parents will be allowed to speak at a second meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

Millington says the discussion with parents is needed because of what he perceives as a substance abuse problem at the school.

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Comments (4)
  1. gramps says:

    Attack a teens ‘privilege’ to drive & you’ll hear their eyeballs click!

    For starters, don’t let drinkers or drug users park on ‘High School Grounds’ & have the police tow any illegally parked car within 2 blocks….

    Pass a Law to deprive ‘TEENAGERS’ of their ability to drive @ 16, or if they already have one, remove their ‘Drivers Licenses till their 18′, if they are found drinking, or with people who ‘ARE’ drinking…….Any ‘teen’ who runs afoul of the ‘Law’ in ANY way….or is a school discipline problem, if they don’t do their ‘homework’, or drops out of school……Has to wait longer to get their drivers license……

    Forget 16, hello 18……!!

    In June of 2009 Alabama passed in a new Law, ‘Taylor’s Law’, that would delay teens with school discipline problems from getting a driver’s license by creating a point system whereby for each accrued point for disciplinary actions at school, the student would have one week added to the age at which he or she would be eligible to apply for a permit or license.


    That Alabama Law is a good ‘foundation’ that Massachusetts can build on……As soon as the ‘lil darlings see a few of their ‘Classmates’ riding their ‘BIKES’ to class or the JR Prom they’ll ‘smarten-up’ real quick!

    The drop-out rate will fall, ‘Teen’ drinking & crime will diminish!

    Halos will be uniform of the day……


  2. Lori says:

    I don’t LIKE that they made the meetings mandatory but I do not think they should punish students whose parents don’t go. I also think the parents should be allowed to speak, especially if they are forced to go. Some parents work nights and cannot go to the meetings. They should at least have some kind of waiver for parents who do work nights, especially if they are single parent homes.

  3. a former bhs student says:

    Is this the same Layne Millington that was an assistant headmaster at Belmont High School in Belmont Mass? If so I’m glad hes gone from trying to suspend freshman to trying to change a drug abuse policy which will benefit his students. You go, Layne. When I was a junior at Belmont High School Mr Millington tried to suspend a group of freshman for being dismissed yet remaining on school grounds. I was forced to address the issue that these freshman were unaware they were breaking a rule as it was never published. None of them received suspensions. It doesnt surprise me he is trying to change policies and at least its in their best interest, as it always has been. I agree the first meetings were poorly handled and im glad to hear future attempts will be made. I only hope things will be a little less forceful and demanding in the future.

  4. urmom says:

    millington is a dictator. his aggressive tactics never work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the drug problem got worse

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