NORWELL (CBS) – Police are looking for a repeat drunk driver who recently skipped her court date.

Gayle Drummond of Norwell was set to be arraigned on Tuesday, but she failed to show.

Police said Drummond was driving drunk with her 4-month-old baby in her car last weekend. It was is Drummond’s third arrest for drunk driving.

The baby is now in state custody.

Comments (28)
  1. A Dad says:

    You need a license to drive one to hunt and even one to catch a fish but any Dingbat can be a parent. Shame on her she is a disgrace!!!

  2. Laurie Waite says:

    She’s in a detox center!! It’s court ordered!!!!! The state and the courts need to get their acts together too!!!!

  3. tannerjack says:

    With a face like that it’s a wonder she got pregnant in the first place.

    1. Jill Glidden says:

      There’s enough cruelty in this world – don’t add to it.

  4. annonomous says:

    that was uncalled for…and not nice.

  5. anonymous says:

    seriously “annonomous”- uncalled for or not, it’s the truth

  6. "anonymous" says:

    sorry i miss spelled that she might of done somthing wrong but no need to make fun of how she looks so you can stop

    1. BlazesBoylan says:

      I agree with you, but you not only misspelled “anonymous”, you also misspelled “misspell”

  7. Ron says:

    Wow, she skipped her court date? Really? After the wonderful judgment she’s already shown? I’m completely blown away.

  8. anonymous 2 says:

    people who dont know gayle seriously need to shut the hell up because people see this, and they see this and they think shes a horrible person. people dont know what she has gone through and unless you know her, you really shouldnt be making public opinons on it.

    1. cb says:

      shes stupid – do you forget that she could of killed that baby?

  9. Bea Hawkins says:

    Since she just had a baby 4 months ago..has anyone thought that this woman should be first evaluated for Post Partem Depression?

    1. paul says:

      she babysat for us once, just once. Came home she drank all or booze, and wet herself on our couch . real nice

  10. anonymous says:

    Of course people are going to be making public opinions about it, it is on here for everyone to read. That’s just the way things are nowadays.

  11. Jill Glidden says:

    A little more compassion, a lot less judgement, and many more prayers for the sick and suffering alcoholics – that they want and find the help they so desperately need.

  12. jaygee says:

    Third drunk driving arrest, driving with a kid in the car and no pants on and some of you don’t want others to judge her actions. Would you judge her moronic actions if she hit and killed someone? Save your compassion for those who truly deserve it and not this smirking clown.

  13. proud says:

    i was the one who called police and like everyone else in this world have gone through alot and if you saw what i did you would have done the samething and if you didn’t and something happened how could you sleep and see was not on the road she was in a parking lot

  14. Nancy8041 says:

    @Proud – you did the right thing. Because you made that phone call you possibly saved the life of her precious daughter and maybe Gayle can now get the help she needs. You also prove the point that these articles are not always correct – “She was not on the road she was in a parking lot”. People are so quick to pass judgement without knowing all the facts. Whether this article is correct or incorrect it’s still a terrible situation, no doubt, but there is more to it than you are reading.

  15. Anonymous says:

    She didn’t skip her arraignment, for heaven’s sake. She’s in court-ordered detox. What a ridiculously sensationalistic headline. And yes, I know this for a fact.

  16. proud says:

    anonymous, well what have you done to help her

  17. casey donahue says:

    I grew up w gayle. I am a recovering alcoholic & an addict i have been in recovery for years and i know she was struggling in & out of the program as well. Addiction is a disease. Gayle is not a bad person she is sick and needs help. Those who judge dont matter! They have no clue. They need to look at their
    Own life im sure their not perfect. I want to help i live in fl. I have 3kids and if she needs me to take the baby for awhile i would love too. I dont know how to get ahold of her. If anyone talks to her tell her to get in touch w me. There is a great halfway house down here that will change her me get in contact w her

  18. Completely Horrified says:

    How was this woman ever allowed custody of a child? What are the chances this disgrace wasn’t a drunk her entire pregnancy? I only hope this child can beat the odds however noone has come forward to care for it yet so it doesn’t look good. I work in the business park she was arrested in, scary to think of the what ifs. Checked her out on Facebook and we have a mutual friend….Damien’s Pub. No joke! Drunken messes 1, Norwellians 0.

  19. Janice Jones says:

    I happen to know Gayle too. Gayle drank while pregnant. Whoever said check for post partum depression should rethink that. Gayle has been an active alcoholic for years and years. She does not deserve any pity as there was a four month old half naked baby in the car. If you hit a snowbank is your first thought to take your pants off? She knew enough to put alcohol into a Dunkin Donuts cup but forgot the diaper and coat for the baby? Her family enables her and let her out of the house like that. She had also been babysitting for a 2 1/2 year old child. Great decision making on who chose her for that job. DCF knew of this and looked the other way. As this is her third offense and she is on the run, she does not deserve the child back. Let the poor child live with a family who will love it as the poor little thing probably already has fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s more important to run from court then to find out where your baby is? She has done the detox route. She needs jail at this point. Nothing else has worked even though pregnant she still did it. She is even smiling in this picture! Look at the puffy face from years of alcohol abuse. She deserves no break and no pity. Neither does her family who let her out of the house that way, She should get what she deserves – jail. Maybe then she will learn not to drive a car drunk and put us all in danger.

  20. Janice Jones says:

    Maybe she could’t find any pants to wear to the arraingment.

  21. liberty says:

    I will bet you all you have been behind the wheel intoxicated.. shut the he’ll up and judge yourself. She may off put a child in danger but everone of you have put hundreds of children in danger when you drove intoxicated.. hippocrits with a new, im better than you attitude… and i bet a few of you losers have done things noone knows and could of had worse outcomes….hi casey.

  22. Janice Jones says:

    liberty that is the stupidest comment I have ever read. You say not to judge her but you are judging apparently everyone else. There are people who are responsible and do not drink and drive much less with a child in the car. Are you completely overlooking the fact that she put her practically naked infant in grave danger as well as the rest of us. Would you be so willing to look the other way if she hit you? If you are going to get so drunk stay home and do not put the rest of us in danger. She doesn’t deserve to have that baby back. She needs to pay for her third DUI by some jail time. Perhaps then she will get the message. She hasn’t gotten it yet.

  23. Amanda says:

    Gale did not have an easy childhood. Not a lot of people have. She was raised in a single family home. She drank heavily as a teenager…too heavily. Am I surprised she has a drinking problem & 3 DUI s? No. I am surprised she hasn’t seriously hurt someone by now. If I were her I would be very grateful for the GOOD SAMARITAN who called the police & potentially saved many lives including her own! I don’t excuse her behavior because of a terrible childhood & I do believe hers was awful. She is 37 years old….time to grow up! She has a daughter now in state custody. She does need a lot of help. The man who called the police resulting in the DUI was the catalyst for that! If she sees that as a gift she will get the help she desperately needed 20+ years ago! I believe she needs detox, Jail time & to loose her drivers license FOREVER. As far as her daughter, children always love their parents. That is a cross that Gale will have to bare. I can not answer that. I have children of my own & I can not imagine life without them. For that very reason I can not understand her poor decisions with her daughter.

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